Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A Full Time Job

This weight loss business... it's a full time job.  The more I learn that I have to look out for, the more effort it takes.  It makes me feel so self centered lately because I spend *so* much time thinking about myself.

So I'm watching my sodium intake and yesterday came in only 300mg over the allotted amount.  Much better than the 1000 I had yesterday or the (eek) 2500 I had the day before that.  I'm also concentrating on the water.  I drank two full bottles. 

The more I learn the more I have to adjust, it's crazy.    It's a process of adapting and just rolling with the punches.  Like the sodium thing.   I was shocked to learn that fast food is LOADED with it.  I was going to have Steven stop at the local Taco Bell on the way home.  The calories were fine, the fat content was fine (thanks to their fresco menu) but the sodium came to nearly 2000mg.  Yikes!  So I opted instead for yogurt and granola.  At 190mg it was a much safer bet, especially since my "day" started just an hour or so ago.

A poster suggested that I wasn't getting enough calories, which may in fact be true.  I know from my research it's advised not to go under 1000 calories of what your body needs to survive, and for me that is about 3500.  So I'm thinking of riding out the rest of this week and then trying to eat more.  I don't want to have my metabolism shut down because it's not getting properly fed.  Fit Day said I should be eating 2200, and the foodmover should technically be at 2000, but I went ahead and kept eating as though I were under 300lbs.  I'll just see how the changes to the sodium and water work first, then I'll adapt as needed.

Like I said, full time job.

Today's work out song - Don't Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston.  A true disco anthem that you cannot help but move to. 

Exercise - 30 mins on the bike. 

Calories - 1890

Sodium - 2704

Water - 66oz


jwespiser said...

keep up the good work!!!!

drgnflyjwls said...

Just remember Gin, you are well worth the effort and time it takes to care for yourself!

Hope tomorrow is another great day for you!


sighlelynch said...

Good for you. You are an inspiration to me, because I'm at a plateau right now. Yikes! Forgot about that sodium! Thank you, I'd better start drinking water. You'll find that the more you lose, the more you notice feeling puffy. It is a very interesting journey. Sighle.

journey2sarah said...

Yes, do not drink the water--do not drop the weight. I used to manage a weight loss place (the doctor-style clinic), and whenever the clients said they did everything exactly but skimped on the water --e.g., not drinking the 8, 8 oz glasses a day--boom no loss to record (or very miniscule). It always shocked them (and me too).

waterhawk2 said...

Keep up the good work Ginger. I hate to drink water too. I think it has to do with being a bed wetter until age 21 yrs. My Mom never ridiculed me but the only thing she had me do was to stop drinking anything after supper. So water was like the enemy. I read a great article on water on ediet website that said we should divide our current weight by 2 and then drink that much in ounces. Haven't tried it yet can barely get 6 or 8 glasses down but I'm going to try it this week. 3/01/04