Monday, February 23, 2004

Another Sunday

Another end to another Sunday work marathon.  Since I work from home I was able to put off stuff during the week, but it all came to roost tonight.  I've been sitting in this chair since about 4pm this afternoon (it's nearly 2am now), barely taking a break to eat.  Why do I do this to myself??  Oh well.  The good news is our sales were through the roof this week which means BONUS.  So yay.  We're contemplating a trip to San Antonio in early March, this would help.

I found a great new tool for weight management that you all can check into.  One of my readers here has an awesome website : : The Art of Balance : :   | and she turned me on to FitDay - Your online nutrition, weight loss, diet & fitness manager! which tracks your calories, your activities and a bunch of other neat stuff I have yet to explore fully.  Best of all, it's free.  And we like free.  If y'all ever want to check up on what I'm eating, here's the link:

Right now I think I'm going to move around a bit, as I've lost all feeling in my behind.  No exercise tonight, as Sunday is my "free" day. 

But hopefully I can walk tomorrow (it's supposed to rain but you never know with our weather), and back on the bike I go.  And I'm armed with prunes.  I'm going to see that scale go down.

On a personal note, Steven surprised me with a card and a rose tonight.  It's nice to be remembered and appreciated and I hope I let him know what those gestures mean to me.  They don't erase the past, but they help start things over again.  It's my deepest hope that we can do the hard work toward our relationship we've done in the last few days as a preventative measure in the future, rather than just patchwork only after things have gone wrong.  We have something special, and I don't want either of us to forget it again.   


hapy203 said...

Hey, Gin, sorry I havent been around! The pictures of you are great, I can see the difference..and I LOVE the haircut, it makes you look younger (o; I'm off to check out those web sites now! Keep up the good work! Karie*

sunflowerkat321 said...

I have just spent a good deal of time getting caught up with you here - both your journal and your web entries. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. You seem like you are keeping your strength and resolve - to get through this awful time, and to keep yourself on track. I am thinking about you. I'll be checking on you.{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}

diamondx9x said...

And girl, how sweet of you to plug my site. I'm going to add you to my list of "Fitness Divas" because you DEFINITELY deserve the title! :o) I'm glad you're finding FitDay useful. It has definitely simplified some things for me. I'm loving it!

Hang in there, girlie and keep doin' what cha doin' 'cause it's workin', babeeeeee!!!! You're doing a MOST excellent job and quitting is NOT an option!

Have a beautiful week. Be back soon. :o)