Friday, April 30, 2004

I survived my first professional read

Today I got back the notes on my first draft of My Immortal.  He was blunt and gave me very honest notes, but overall it was very positive.  His exact words were "Ultimately, I think you have much potential, but you need to take more chances with your writing."

I think the most important boost to my ego came when he gave the script a "consider" recommendation.  He pointed out all the things that he felt needed work, and at the very bottom he had the option to either give it a pass, a consider or a recommendation.  In the "biz" consider or recommend mean you go past the reader and to a development exec, so it's a big deal.  This was essentially a first draft written in a week, and it rated a "consider", even though he had some trouble with the execution.  I was so worried that the notes would make me question my ability and or talent, instead it's reaffirmed it. 

I sent a couple of my scripts to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences today (the Oscars people), for their annual Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship competition.  About 6000+ scripts are sent in each year, and those 6000+ are then whittled down to a mere 300, which advance as quarterfinalists.  It's a pretty big deal if you can advance, and I've heard that agents then contact YOU instead of you begging to speak to them.  So please say a prayer of agreement that whatever God wants to happen with this will happen, if you're so inclined.  Normally I get really depressed that I don't advance (this is year #3), but I feel okay today.  I feel like I've I've done all I can do, and it's up to The Big Guy from here on out.  And I've decided whatever He decides is fine by me.  He's given me this talent for a reason, so I'm just going to have faith that He will direct the path.

So the day had its share of good news.  The bad news is I was done in by a McDonalds baked apple pie.  Steven, trying to be dear because of the horrible few days I've had being sick, brought home an apple pie last night and of course, I folded to tempation.  Thankfully I only ate one of the two pies he bought (because of the great bargain to get 2 for $1, instead of 1 for like 80 cents.).  But needless to say by the time dinner time rolled around tonight, I needed a bit more than my calories allowed, and since I went over with dinner I treated myself to an apple.  So my caloric goals were blown.

I'm also off the exercise horse... but then again I don't feel 100% just yet.  I did a lot of work today and I had to keep taking breaks because I was just exhausted.  I hate being sick.

Tomorrow is weigh in.  My home scale is showing the same weight, so we'll see if that translates to the GNC scale tomorrow.  If there's no change I will probably use next week to go on the 1400 - 1500 restricted diet just to jump start things.  I'll let you know what the goals are tomorrow night.

Calories: 2066 / 19%
Sodium: 3024mg
Calcium: 1504mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None

RED means I didn't meet goal

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journey2sarah said...

Okay everybody....GET STEVEN!  (Just kidding!)  Congrats on the script thingy Ginger!  I was wondering how that was going to go.  I think you write the script just like the final televised version.  This advice to take more chances must be because the other writers are writing to get in the door and then the networks prune them up some.  Just keep knocking and questioning when the doors open and you will find out what they want.  Also, consider the reader does not want to put his name on the line for an unknown, so he will be modest if he likes something.  The fact is he was positive with you.  You know the readers don't know everything too--it is the public that calls the ultimate shots--will they pay the money and even more importantly invest their precious free time to view a work.  

I get to see HIM tonight!  We are making dinner (a man that can really cook!!!)--but this first one will be a joint project; our first home-made dinner together!  I suggested my chicken paillard (pounded flat chicken breast) sauteed in olive oil white balsamic vinegar and smothered in tender artichokes.  I am going to go put it in some marinade NOW.   Good God when men can cook they are usually quite good at it; in the ancient days of Greece women were not allowed to cook; only the men.  Cooking was viewed as a power trip.   LOL!!!  Honey it still is!