Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Stick a Fork in Me....

I'm done.

That's right, 117 pages all done.  "My Immortal" is officially done - the first draft anyway.  It's all out there.  I do have some minor polishing to do and a few once overs before I get it all registered, BUT, to write "Fade to Black" was very, very satisfying.

Then I found out that John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Christine) is holding a contest for his next movie, and he's looking for a horror script.  How convenient!!

I didn't meet my goals today either.  Not going over by much, mind you, but I still need to get my butt back into gear.  I think it's due to my sleep schedule flip flopping to a more normal schedule and my stomach hasn't caught up yet.  Where I used to eat my last meal of the day between 12am and 4am, now I'm eating breakfast in the morning and I'm so hungry through the day.  By the afternoon I am hungry again, and if I eat before dinner I generally throw my goals off by 100 or so calories.  Again, nothing dire, but I hate that I'm making these goals and not reaching them.

And the water has gone down tremendously.  Again I used to drink a bottle between 12am and 4am, then three more once I woke up.  Now I drink the first of my water in the morning, and getting all four down before 11pm is a bit of a challenge.  I chalk my headaches up to this little problem.

Anyhoo, below are the totals. 

Calories: 1965 / 20% fat
Sodium: 2526mg
Water: 58oz
Exercise: None

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drgnflyjwls said...

Still...you're doing well Ginger!  I gain inspiration from your journal everytime I visit.  Thank you for that!

Good luck with the script.  Might we in journal land be able to get a read??