Friday, April 16, 2004

A Better Day

Today yielded much better results than yesterday.  I went over 1800 but not by much.  It was my non fat vanilla pudding that set me over.  Otherwise, I was really good all day.

Yesterday I commented on how I decided my caloric requirement.  Richard Simmons has a weight loss system called the Foodmover, it's a system not unlike the Weight Watchers Points system that tell you how much of what to eat in each food group.  This is determined by your total caloric needs, which is based on how much you weigh.  People who weigh more can eat more, just because their bodies burn more calories.  So according to his foodmover, I should be eating 1800 calories per day.

According to Fitday, I burn over 3800 calories per day.  If I were to use the caloric reduction method alone to lose weight, I could eat as much as 2800 calories and still be okay, because a deficit has been created of calories burned vs. calories eaten.  On Fitday I can even pull up a report that shows me a graph to display this deficit, and I'm always under.  Even when we went to San Antonio last month I never went over 2600 calories, and that was really off program.

So I created a goal on Fitday where I eat between 1800 - 2000 calories per day.   It was when I got all excited and created a new set of goals back a week or so ago that I got into trouble.  Now trying to meet all these goals have become quite the challenge.

When I say that I've been famished I mean that I've physically been hungry.  I now recognize the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger, and I try my best to head to my body's needs.  The trouble came when I'd feed my body but try so hard to meet my calorie/fat/sodium goals all in one.  Sometimes it's very difficult.  I can eat but what I choose will either set me over on calories and keep me good on sodium or vice versa.  It's just been a juggle, and I dropped a few balls. 

If my weigh in tomorrow goes well despite this, I will probably bump up my caloric goals to 1800 - 2000, that will give me a little more wiggle room in order to meet the sodium requirement. 

As always it's a matter of adapting.  My weight loss continually evolves to meet my current needs, which is so much better for me than sticking with something that makes me feel like a failure (much like I felt all week).  The good news is I've been exercising a lot more, so even if I eat more, I do burn more. 

Now on to the fluff stuff.  Since Winston has such a great fan following I thought I'd create a Journal just for his exploits.  It's going to be full of cute photos and hopefully cute essays, so drop on by and give it a looksee.  The Pug Papers

Tomorrow is weigh in day, wish me luck.  My home scale is showing a loss, we'll see if GNC agrees.  I will say that I am really excited about my fat intake each day.  Despite the caloric/sodium see saw I've been on, generally I've managed to meet all my low fat goals.  That and I've walked the last three days are definitely things I can pat my own back about.  So I think that's a definite measure of success.

Calories: 1952 / 18% fat
Sodium: 2517mg
Water: 48oz & counting
Exercise: Walked 1 mile

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ivorygrace7 said...

Congratulations on all your hard work!  In general, I think if you are physically hungry you should eat!  :)  Thank you for all the supportive comments you've left for me!