Monday, April 12, 2004

I have a headache THIS BIG

I had a productive day as far as the writing goes, I went from page 68 to page 95, bringing me to the third act, where I have 15+ pages to solve all the problems I've set up.  The price I paid was getting a horrible nagging headache out of the deal.

I'd probably finish it but I need all my faculties in order to do this climax justice.  My head is really pounding, I can barely concentrate.  And I still have about five hours of work to finish off tonight.  If I make it out of this without a migraine it'll be a miracle.

The problem is when I don't feel well my first impulse is to eat.  If I just eat I'll feel better.  If I eat something sweet, I'll feel better.  If I just stuff my face with all those comfort foods, I'll feel better.  I want bread.  I want potatoes.  I want pasta.  I want C H O C O L A T E. 

So how did I fair?  Well we got Fazolis for dinner.  I couldn't hang with cooking tonight.  I got the homestyle lasagna with broccoli (420 calories) when I realized the baked chicken parmesan (740 calories) I normally get would have set me over 2200 calories.  Then, because I REALLY wanted both my breadsticks I ended up putting half of the lasagna in the fridge for tomorrow. 

So my totals weren't too badly sabotaged.  I've been drinking water like a fish because it very well could be I am just dehydrated.  The sodium was off the charts, but the fact I kept the calories down and the fat down makes up for it. 

And the best part of all was it was a thin day.  I love thin days.  I sat with one leg crossed over the other and it was COMFORTABLE.  I didn't have to hold one knee in place with my hand.  I may actually be able to sit like that with BOTH my hips on the chair one day.  That's a good thing.

My tummy feels flatter today.  It could very well be because I know in my mind that I've dropped 8 1/2 inches from that area, but it just seems less jiggly.  As we all know, these are good things.  I've also noticed that my upper thighs are more defined now.  I see more muscle and less flab.  I may have some decent gams under all this stuff. 

Anyway, all of this is why I put half of that lasagna back.  I like seeing these changes, and that's worth more to me than the temporary comfort I would have gotten from scarfing all the food I really wanted to eat.  Tomorrow the headache will be gone, and if the weather manages to warm up I plan to give Winston a thrill and take him for a much needed W-A-L-K at the P-A-R-K.  Gotta work on those legs, ya know?

And watching this Miss USA pagent does a lot to inspire me to work harder.  Tomorrow 1800 calories FOR SURE.  Meanwhile GO TEXAS!!  :)

Calories: 1924 / 26% fat
Sodium: 3146mg
Water: 72oz & counting
Exercise: typing my wittle fingers off

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