Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Month #4 Photo Update

Well it was as I feared.  I gained a pound.  EEEEK is all I have to say about that. 

Actually I have more to say about that, and that's I'm going back down to 1800 calories. 

In fact, I'm debating a low cal week just to jumpstart the weight loss again.  I refuse to plateau.  So maybe a week of 1500 calories or less per day is just what the doctor order to get things back on track.  Steven hates it when I do this, he worries that I'm going too extreme.  I'm not that big of a fan of it either, given last week I couldn't even meet my 1800 calorie requirement.

But drastic times call for drastic measures.  And I am DETERMINED to get this weight off. 

We went for a walk, it was a short one (just a mile) because it was hot and humid out there.  I was going to type here that I'm going to try and get some more exercising done tonight but there is no try.  There is do or do not.  Thank you, Yoda.

I can't really be too bummed about the weight gain however, because the pictures above tell the tale.  Even though I only lost 4lbs for the month, I lost 8 inches.  That Tshirt now looks like a dress on me, it's gotten so big. 

I've ordered some summer clothes, size 2X rather than the 4X I used to wear at the beginning of this journey, so my next set of pictures will have me in tank tops and shorts.  I'm reluctant to do it, but I figure there is no growth if I don't dare to step outside my comfort zone.

Calories: 1888 / 17% fat (both goals MET)
Sodium: 2643mg (goal MET)
Water: 72oz (didn't quite make it to 96oz)
Exercise: Walked 1 mile


ivorygrace7 said...

You look great!!!


sonensmilinmon said...

You know .. you look BEAUTIFUL!

Smilin Mon

frogs4131 said...

You're looking awesome.  Such a difference.

perryb178 said...

All I can say after viewing those pictures is WOW! DB