Saturday, April 10, 2004

When a Good Day Goes Bad...

Okay that sounds more dramatic than it really is.  I started off today on such a good foot calorie and sodium wise.  We even went out to lunch at a new restaurant in town called Zookinis.  It's a salad, soup and grill restaurant so we figured it couldn't be too bad.

I opted away from the all you can eat Zoo trip that would give me unlimited trips to their salad, soup and potato bar (we all know that this has never worked for me in the past), and instead got their California Chicken.  It's a grilled chicken breast covered with a slice of monterey jack cheese, alfafa sprouts and a slice of avocado, served over parlsey rice with a side of steamed veggies.  I got home and worked it out on Fitday and everything was AOK.  I was doing fine.

Until dinner.  My youngest and I are home alone tonight and he suggested spaghetti with garlic bread.  My wonderful totals went right down the tubes. 

The good news is I weighed in at 289 still today, so I'm excited about that.  My water is way low, but given I can't eat another bite for the rest of the night, I think I'll be drinking it like a race horse before it's all said and done.

I'd like to say tomorrow is going to be better, but I promised myself I wouldn't lie in this journal.  It's Easter and I'm going to make dinner for my family and my mother.  Ham, mashed potatoes, some veggies, a fruit ambrosia and banana pudding for dessert.  I discovered a few ways to fudge some of these recipes so that they're low fat and low sodium, but I can't guarantee that I'll meet the 1800 calorie goal.  I am making a conscious effort to avoid some of the high fat/high sodium traps I fall into when cooking for a holiday (no relish dish for instance, though it breaks my heart.  I love my olives and my pickles).  It's like Jaqueline said in her journal Jacqueline's Weight Loss Journey, it's about modification.  You don't have to deny yourself, you just have to make smarter choices - which is my own personal motto.

I did realize the other day I've been consistantly hitting ten pounds lower each month.  In January I was in the 310s, in February the 300s, in March the 290s and now in April the 280s.  That's pretty cool.  And my "girth" measurement is now at 58.5", when it was 67" at the beginning of the year.  I've nearlylost a foot around! 

But you want to hear something weird?  I'm afraid to buy new clothes.  I always hated buying what I thought was my size and having it be too tight, and be hung in the closet and never worn.  So I have this list of clothes I want to purchase from Lane Bryant and I'm scared to death the size I order will be too tight, even though I know that's what the measurements are. 

The mind is a funny thing.

Calories: 2140 / 25% fat
Sodium: 2560mg
Water: 24oz
Exercise: None

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