Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Beat Up from the Feet Up

Here's what happened.

Yesterday I started getting the twinges of a UTI.  You feel like you gotta go gotta go gotta go right now, but you don't, and it stings something awful.  I bought some over the counter pills to help stop the urges, I took them before and they worked great.

So yesterday when I felt the twinges, I thought... I'll just take a couple of pills and cut it off at the pass.  Any woman who's ever had a UTI knows that once it hits ya, you are in for some serious misery.

We got home from our walk, where I had really boogied around the track.  I was a little weak kneed and real glad to be sitting instead of standing, and really in need of some food, but holding out till dinner.  I grabbed a couple of those pills and only glimpsed at the back of the box to see how many I had to take.  I saw, Take two pills with water.  So I thought, no problem.  I'll just make sure I drink a lot of water.

I took the pills, went to work and then about a half hour later nausea hit.  I mean, like a lightning bolt it hit.  I figured, well I'm just hungry.  I've gone too long without food.  Dinner's almost ready so no big deal.

Halfway during dinner I know that I'm in trouble.  I'm still sick, and it's getting worse not better.  I finally tell Steven what's going on.  Worst of all the UTI pains were getting worse.  There was no rapid relief like last time.

I decided a cool bath was in order and when I went back in the bathroom I reread the back of that box, to make sure they hadn't expired or something.  That's when I saw the "and food" part of the instructions I missed before. 

The nausea lasted about four hours, and the UTI got so bad I couldn't lay down, I couldn't sit down, and I certainly couldn't stand.  Finally Steven went for some ice cream and that seemed to calm the acid war taking place in my stomach.  A little bit later I was able to eat something else and take two more pills, which did work this time. 

Finally around 4am I was able to go to sleep.  I woke up a little before 7am, with a stomach ache that would not be ignored.  Again I couldn't do anything to relieve the pain, it was sheer, constant discomfort.  I couldn't sleep that's for sure.  I finally resorted to hydrocodone around 9am, finally went to sleep around 10-10:30 and slept till three.

Now I just feel like I've been hit by a truck.  The nausea is gone, the stomach ache is gone and even the UTI pains are gone.  But boy oh boy do I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet as we say down south.  So I gave myself the day off from exercise.  It just ain't happening. 

So again let me stress, if you ever read you have to take medicine with food... DO IT.  Oy.  I'm going to stumble through the rest of the work I have to do tonight and then go to bed. 

I'm plumb wore out.

Calories: 1884 / 26% fat
Sodium: 2709mg
Calcium: 1740mg
Water: working on 96oz
Exercise: None


journey2sarah said...

So now you know how awful you would feel if you WERE REALLY hungry.  (When you first thought after you got back from your walk that you were weak from that .... LOL!) This morning I had to pinch myself as I got on the scale to check if it was for real, the weight drop; and it is!  Last night as I was in the mall buying my golden trinket for dropping to 204 I got a pineapple coconut frosty.  I asked him if it had sugar in it?  Yes, it is pre-mixed.  Well that's life--I noticed he did use real and fresh pineapple chunks--but it was not at all sweet.  He must have lessened it considerably for me (put less of the pre-mix in); this shows that even though American society is not enlightened enough to dispense with the sugar with everything rule we can at times reduce it.  Then of course the PLAN kicked in beautifully and I had absolutely no desire for the last half of it.  And I left it behind (but not on MY behind!).  Learning to leave the stuff on the plate or behind or box it up as carry out is so wonderful.  Wish me well I have another date with Romeo City tonight.  

ivorygrace7 said...

Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and thanks for the advice!