Monday, April 5, 2004

This. Means. War.

I got the bright idea now that things are movin' and groovin' the way they are supposed to that I'd try another weigh in.  Now I'm up to 292.  My first impulse was, "Of course it is.  Why should I expect it to be less than 290??  It's going to take another week to get there, that's just the way things go for me."  Pity, party of one.

I ended up dragging Steven to Walmart to buy another scale for the house.  He was reluctant.  He fears I'm going to weigh myself too often and get frustrated (naw, me?), so we compromised and got a scale that measures body fat in addition to pounds.  It was SO nice to buy a scale this time and know I was well under the 330 lb capacity limit. 

According to this new scale the weight was 296, but that doesn't concern me much.  I promised that I'd let the GNC scale be the weight of record, and I'd go back to doing it once a week.  What I mainly want to use this scale for is the body fat measurement because I've been told repeatedly that lack of weight loss OR weight gain can be attributed to muscle mass.  So now we'll cut that little variable right outta there.  The official percentage of body fat as of today: 49%.  Let's all grimace together.  <eeeeeek>

Deanna, author of the Fat chick stated her goals in black and white and I've decided to follow her example.  This is my Plan of Attack, my Shock and Awe, on the 290s. 

Calorie Goal: 1800s, no more than 25% fat
Exercise Goal: Walk 10 miles in any variation, Pilates Mon/Wed/Fri
Water Goal: 96oz every day. 

They'll never know what hit them.

Calories: 1856 / 15% (goals MET)
Sodium: 2767mg
Water: 96oz (goal MET)
Exercise: Pilates and ab roller


grettysk said...

well...i kind of agree with Steven. My concerns are that you will get obsessed with weighing. I know I did at one time. My doc didn't even want me to weigh...and if I had to, he said ONCE A MONTH! You ESPECIALLY can't go day by day. Our bodies (and you probably already know this) flucuate SO much day to day. (CON'T)

grettysk said...

Could be the weather...time of the month....time of day.....ANYTHING. Just be careful and don't get discouraged. You will get there whether or not you know what the numbers PLEEEEEEEEZE don't get discouraged!!! You are doing FANTASTIC!!!!

hapy203 said...

Sounds like a good plan of attack! You really inspire me. Keep up the good work!

auntyeeyee622 said...

OMG.....I'd kill over dead if I got up there to measure my body fat %.....sure positive it be right at 99%.....only place there aint no fat is on my ears!!..........Great goals girl...............Deanna

queenz43 said...

Way to go on setting your goals. I know you will be successful. Look at how far that you have come! Great work. ~RC~

sjburgess51 said...

OK, where are you?  Did the witch get you?  Did you leave to create a cookbook?  Are all the diuretics and colon cleansing keeping you busy???  Did Steve Perry call back?  <winking, winking>  What's happened?  Speak to me Ginger... speak to me!

duckebride323 said...

I'm still here.  AOL won't let me post any new entries.  ARGH.  I've written them though.  If they don't get it fixed soon I may have to resort to posting on my fit day journal instead.  

nightjourney said...

Hi Ginger, been a few days again. So busy. Looks like you have been busy. Doing well.  Guess I will go and check on Steven and see what the message is about from you.. Yes, there are mean people in the world and this is a place for them to get into. God bless you Ginger. rae

beargoddess said...

u go sister doing it on your own terms is always the best way to go