Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Late check in

I started work early last night, putting that in front of the journal, and ended up working so late I didn't bother to journal before going to bed.  My bad. :(

I just realized I have to go to the mall so I can do my weigh in for picture day (today).  EEEK  I'm afraid.  I'm very afraid.

Given how much I've been eating and I haven't been exercising (which was the plan), I'm afraid I'm going to see a gain.

Suddenly I feel like I"m being led to the gallows.

Ok... time to shower and prepare.  I HOPE I have a happy report when it's all said and done.

If not, it's back to 1800 calories.

Yesterday's totals:

Calories: 1993 / 29% fat
Sodium: 2861mg
Water: 64oz
Exercise: None

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