Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Is this a happy Pug or WHAT?

I had about all the guilt I could stand.  From his Puggin to my endless "None" under my exercise tallies, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to get out and go for the walk.

Like church on Sunday, it hit me as we were walking that I didn't know why I procrastinated so long.  Getting out and going for the walks make me feel good.

I also got to do the finishing touches on my script today.  I hate it when that giddy euphoria dies away and I realize that my script isn't the utter brilliance I thought it was.  I'm always so critical on my own work.  Sometimes I'll read something and think, "gee that's really good" but most times it's, "gee, I feel like I can make this better."  But for better or worse it's completed and registered.

For everyone who is interested in reading it, here is the logline and the link:

MY IMMORTAL (Horror/Suspense) A cyncial reporter investigating a gruesome murder story makes a horrifying discovery.  The killer they seek is a vampire, and he's managed to reincarnate one of his slain vampires, her.  The more she learns the more she is faced with an impossible decision - to join again with the undead to be with her immortal lover forever, or fulfill her destiny and put an end to their carnage. (rated R)

Please let me know what you think, I look forward to hearing your reviews. 

As for my totals I did manage to meet the 1800 goal but slaughtered my sodium goals in the process.  We're getting there, slowly but surely.

Calories: 1863 / 21% fat
Sodium: 3287mg
Water: 72oz & counting
Exercise: Walked 1.5 miles


sonensmilinmon said...

Gawd,  I LOVE your pug!!! Can I be auntie Mon to the pug!!! :)

Keep up your good work on your efforts!  

Smilin Mon

liba009 said...

Hysterical picture of Winston!  YOU are doing a great job across all fronts (we're all going to have to start calling you little missy).  I can't wait to carve out some time to read the script too.  On my personal front:  I have to get to the park myself; my park sticker was on my old car and I have to trade the "beat" old one in in for a new one-- my new-to-me convertible is in the shop getting some stuff done so I don't have to break down somewhere awful in the middle of the night returning from some really far away God-forsaken client (timing belt, water pump, etc.)--so now I can take my little honey anywhere without worry --as long as they do it right (hagenna hagenna hagenna); and as an added bonus--I met this neat single guy (rode me back from the garage)--finished a 20 year career as an Army Special Forces (so he still works out twice a day mmmmmnh yeah! wooah!).  

And to top it off, I have come up with a scheme for my project car--I am, when time and money permit, going to install, get this:  Louis Vuitton Leather insets into the seat covers!  I've already found the fabric!  Totally my idea.  It will also get a new Dark Brown convertible top to coordinate!

Keep on smiling; sometimes it all ends up just fine!  And when it doesn't, remember, eventually it has to.