Monday, March 22, 2004

Time Flies

It occured to me yesterday that April is nearly upon us.  It seems like January was just yesterday, and I was a little wary of making any long term plans for this weight loss journey.  I wonder how many people began the year with a lot of enthusiasm to finally get fit this year that have long since given up the good fight.  Yet here I am, still plugging away instead of being one of those people yet another year in my life.

And I'm convinced that the eating is a new lifestyle.  No diet here, this is how I plan to eat for the rest of my life.  It includes "real" food, it includes eating out and it includes forgiving myself the occasional binge - and I have more control over my eating habits than I've ever had before.  This is a good thing. 

The only problem area left is the exercise.  On days like today, when I get up much later than I intend to, my incentive to get any exercising done is minimal at best.  I hate that I have to continually motivate myself and it would just become habit.  I meet my fitness needs about 4-5 times a week, but I'd like to see that go up.  It's all a matter of doing it.  I think switching my sleep schedule back to being awake earlier in the day is going to help tremendously. 

I'm not really being productive staying up all night.  And it has lent to my more lethargic habits, and that's gotta stop.  I don't look forward to the switchover, but I gotta do something.  I'm tired of being tired. 

I did get a walk in today.  We drove over there though and that feels like a step back.  Especially since I didn't want to walk even if it meant I got a ride over there and only walked the 1.5 mile track.  So I have to make a change that will get me back up to speed. 

As always it's a matter of restrategizing my attack plan.  I know who my enemy is (I've lived with her for 34 years), so I know her weaknesses.  I'm gonna win this war.  No matter who or what is sabotaging me.

Oh, and thanks so much for the kind words of support for my entry below.  I like knowing you all have my back.  :) 

Calories: 1867 / 25% fat

Sodium: 2671mg

Water: 48oz

Exercise: walked 1.5 miles


hapy203 said...

I love your attitude towards your new lifestyle...I wish I could be the same way:::sigh::: keep up the good work! The pictures are great...what a difference!! Karie*

ivorygrace7 said...

I too wish that exercise would become a routine! I'm getting better, but as soon as there's any little change in the schedule, exercise is the first thing to go!!!


perryb178 said...

Dear Gin, have been reading you and your husbands journals for months now and I count you as a friend even though you don't know me. We seem to have much in common. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing super on your exercise. I have arthritis and fybromyalgia, so everyday is just too much for me. Even so, I stepped up my exercise from only once or twice a week to two or three times a week, along with some cutting back on portions and have managed to lose 25 pounds. DB