Friday, March 19, 2004


I've documented more than once in this journal that I don't like to exercise.  I know it's something that I have to do, not just to lose weight but even afterwards, but I still don't like it.

There was a disturbing study that revealed obesity was quickly closing in on smoking as a leading cause of preventable death.  High fat diets + inactivity = heart disease.  So in order to fend off this monster, I have to exercise.  I hope as time wears on I begin to enjoy it, however this has been the last remnant of my former life that clings still.  If you want to know where my true struggle lies in all this, it's embracing exercise.  Food choices, no biggie.  Exercise is a daily ritual I have to psyche myself up for and talk myself through.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Since the weather has turned pretty I've enjoyed my strolls around the park.  It feels good to be out and enjoying the sun.  The bike is still something I have to gear up to, but thankfully there's music to help me get into the groove.  Two of my main four (that run the 20 mins I ride in my fat burning zone) get me so motivated to move that I barely notice keeping the 30mph + pace, and the time zips by.  Those two: Don't Leave Me This Way, by Thelma Houston and River Deep, Mountain High, Celine Dion's version.

There's some new music that might make it to the CD soon.  Hey Mama by the Black Eyed Peas or Yeah by Usher.  Infectious beats are what I'm after.  I can also shuffle around some older hits, importing New Attitude back into the mix, and a little Prince to get the blood flowing. 

I just can't grow bored otherwise I'm sunk.  I think that's where I went wrong with the Pilates, which I still haven't done.  I need variety, I need spice.  I need it with the food choices, and I need it with my activities as well.  Maybe soon I can write the entry that says I love working out.  (Don't hold your breath)

Until then I'm blasting my stereo and just gritting my teeth through it. 

Calories: 1759 / 16% fat

Sodium: 2651mg

Water: 48oz

Exercise: 30 mins stationary bike


drgnflyjwls said...

Gin, I use music 2 motivate me 2 exercise too! The Cool World soundtrack is excellent! When bored w/music, I watch TV. It's usually the only time I get 2 see the news. I like keeping up 2 date on what's going on in the world. I also find it helps me have something 2 talk 2 hubby about when he gets home. It's hard keeping lines of communication open when we're both so tired we just don't want 2 bother. KWIM?

Lots of good thoughts to you. Have a GREAT weekend!


journey2sarah said...

Hey Ginger:

Exercise is my downfall as well! (That's why I'm not skinny!) I venture to say, it would be so so cool to walk around the gym like a fitness queen with sleek legs, perfect bod--just breezin' through the exercises--and looking like a chick from a Bally's ad---but that is decidedly not the case....yet. May I venture an idea that works? Just gets interesting/fun after that. Oooops--phone call! bye

ccyn827 said...


we have something else in common..I AM A PUBLISHED POET SINCE 1996.
I too keep a journal but when I LET PEOPLE READ IT..THEY LAUGH SO HARD BECAUSE I DON'T PULL BACK AT ALL ABOUT WHAT I AM FEELING-much like you!! ;-)anyway...keep it are doing wonderful!!

ccyn827 said...

IF I HEAR THAT BIG BONED SHIT FROM ANYONE ELSE I AM GOING TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FOREHEAD!! I MEAN IT! PILATES ARE SOOOO COOL [they are sexual-thats the only reason I like them-because secretly I am a freak -BETWEEN US GIRLS]AND WHEN I FINISH GETTING RID OF ALL THESE EXTRA THIGHS AND FIND ME A GOOD MAN..I WILL PROVE IT!!Stay in touch...keep it going..and you will exercise when YOU DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT!! [your virtual-online support team member ;-)]


ccyn827 said...

I started in Oct 2001 at 282lbs [size 24-26] and a guy at work said my theme song was CHECKERS"gotta eat"!! I secretly cried..The punk ass-he knows he wants me. and like Tangerines-this big girl is in season..I was at size 20 by Dec 2001 [260lbs], size 18 by Mar 4 2002[my b'day], and now I am at size 14 [fluctuating from 198-200lbs]but to me I look like a size 18.