Tuesday, March 9, 2004

There's a Cold A' Comin

I'm coming down with a cold.  It's that scratchy yucky feeling at the back of your throat that kind of echoes through your whole nasal passages.   This means a cold is on the way. 

I went into this really long tirade about how my trip to Whataburger was going to set me over goal, but it turns out I misread the information.  So it's all good.  Whew.  I thought I'd painted myself into a corner two hours into the new day. 

I was actually speaking to my friend today how deprivation issues are causing me to self destruct.  I think I've finally put my finger on the source of the problem.  I've worked so hard in the last month to try and maintain the status quo that I've totally ignored a subtle feeling of depression that has sunk in.  It's affected my sleep, it's affected my dreams (I had a doozy yesterday about being coerced into sex with a family member - I've been disturbed ever since) and it's affected my energy level.  Which is why I've managed to sideline the Pilates.

So I bought some St. Johns Wort tonight.  I figure the multi vitamin I bought has made me feel so much better, I'd give this other herbal remedy a try.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

I'm a little worried about my month check in on the 11th.  I feel like the weight loss is either going to be small or worse, I'll have gained.   After my 12lb loss the last month, I was hoping to maintain.  Unfortunately this was not a good month for my new lifestyle.  But I'm not going to beat myself up.  There's no shame in falling down.  I just can't stay down. 

Calories: 2006 / 30% fat

Sodium: 2760mg

Water: 96oz

Exercise: Walked 3 miles, rode stationary bike for 10 mins.


drgnflyjwls said...

"I just can't stay down."

Great comment. I'm going to say this to myself everytime I feel like I've failed & just want to give up.

Thank you Gin & I hope you are better soon.


ivorygrace7 said...

I've been feeling sort of down and depressed lately too. I'm wondering to myself if this is a side effect of dieting...first there is the elation of making a positive change in your life...but then hard reality sets in. I'm not going to stay down either though! Keep on truckin'.


journey2sarah said...

Mother Hen here! :-) Great job on the walking and the water!!! It is normal to feel how you feel with everything going on and your special aunt visiting soon too! Be patient with yourself; baby steps! Nothing is as depressing as doing nothing about the situation! You are still in the fight and that is all that matters!!!! Do something nice for yourself!!! AlkaSeltzer Cold always works for me.

hapy203 said...

I hope you are feeling better. I took St.Johns wart awhile ago...it worked for me! Good luck!

nightjourney said...

Hi Ginger, I am sorry to hear you are feeling a bit puny. Colds are not fun and can sap the strength out of you. You seem to be one honest lady and no, there is no shame in falling down. You WILL get back up. You have it in you and you are a determined person. I see it, we all see and you must see it.. You have a lot of people on your side of this world we are in and there to help you any time you need it. Just call out, we check on you once a day at least. Blessings rae