Tuesday, March 2, 2004

"You're a Joke and You Always Will Be"

This was the subject line of an email I received today.  This comes from a former boss of mine who made it her job in life to stomp all over me all while I was working for her, all the while telling me I deserved to be treated that way.  I've long since quit and ceased having anything to do with her, which is a story that will never fit here but I'll eventually deal with on my website, but she keeps cropping up just like Freddy Kruger. 

It's no accident that I ended up having to deal with her again right now.  Like a shark smells blood in the water she probably instinctively knew it was a good time to strike.  Unfortunately for her, her opinion holds no water for me anymore, and while it was not a pleasant experience to extracate her from my life (for what I  hope will be the final time... she holds on like a Pit Bull and won't let go of her favorite whipping boy), and dealing with her vile menacing insulting mean attitude is never something I relish - I am HAPPY. 

I'm happy I didn't take her crap.  I'm happy I could tell her to go take a flying leap.  I'm happy I could tell her she CAN'T treat me like that anymore, and what she says or thinks has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with who I am.   Who I am is what you see here.  And the many many emails and comments I've received tell me that the people who really count don't think of me as a joke, and that I am a worthwhile worthy human being.

I'm not perfect, I've made mistakes.  But I'm also a good, decent person who has just as much right as anyone else to be happy.  I'm not going to let the venom of an abuser change the way I look at myself anymore.

No more negative stuff for this girl.  I'm going to live my life and be happy and if she can't then that is not my problem.  And I'm done taking responsibility for her problems.  This was just her sad, pathetic attempt to have the last word - and I don't want any part of it.  Her approval of me is neither desired nor required. 

Signed the often funny, often witty, sometimes comical but NEVER A JOKE Ginger.  :)

Calories: 1632, 26% fat

Sodium 1483

Water: 48oz


rogueapbt said...

Glad to hear you're staying with us, Ginger. I got my Food Mover today! I think I'm going to skip the blast off week, and just try something in the middle, that would be more realistic for me, since I've never dieted before. Your steady 2-3 lbs a week has motivated me like none of the "starve yourself and take off 10 lbs in one week!" diets ever could. That just seems so daunting, unachievable, for me right now..but 2 lbs? That keeps me trying and hoping. Have a good week! Go, Ginger!

nightjourney said...

Hi Ginger, it's me again and I just wanted to say, stay strong, you sound like you are finding yourself quite well. This stuff you wrote about today, what can a person say? Like the old saying goes, "Whose problem is it?" Is it yours, is it hers, is it a problem? Sounds like the woman has a problem. She is not your problem anymore, you have flushed her. :o) Oh, the sound of rejection. Return to sender..I am for you Ginger. All the way...Blessings rae

sonensmilinmon said...

Ginger, sounds like that woman has a MAJOR problem ... and it's not YOUR problem. Just know you are the healthy strong one here!
Keep up the good work!
Smilin Mon

diamondx9x said...

Amen, Ginger! :o) You go, girrrrrrrl!!!!!! Congrats on another loss...you're on your way. Keep up the EXCELLENT work. Oooooh, you soooooo inspire me. Ain't nobody bad like YOU! *wink*


gloriason said...

What a pathetic loser that ex-boss of yours must be. How sad is her life that she feels the need to try to bring you down. She has my pity and you have my respect for realizing you don't need to pay attention to the sad comments she makes to you.

drgnflyjwls said...

This woman is UNBELIEVABLE!! Who hasn't made mistakes in their life? I'm pretty sure that's all a part of being human which, obviously, this person feels she is not. ;) Sooo...if she isn't human, she must be SATAN incarnate!!! LOL I can't wait to hear the story behind her.

Gin, you're doing such a great job! You sound stronger & even if you don't always feel that way, sounding so will eventually help to solidify your resolve.

You continue to be an inspiration to me. You rock girl!

sjburgess51 said...

I cannot believe that she is continuing to contact you after all this time. You may check into stalking laws in Texas. She's already broken them for California. Is she still in California?

journey2sarah said...

RE: ex boss--SHE IS STILL YOUR ENEMY! Think about it, she somehow sees you as a rival; real, actualized and /or Christian humans lift one another up--she acts more like a dog than a human being --isn't that where the famous American slang b-word comes from? (Dog breeders term it, "other female aggressive"!). LOL. Let's go forward and all try to be losers, but not like her! :-) The big issue now is your water--running to the potty aint no fun, but that is what has got to be done!

ivorygrace7 said...

I'm proud of you!!! And thank you for leading me to the *Fit day* site. My dd and I have been using it for a few days now, and it really helps.


jumarbes said...

I too want to say...way to go girl! We don't need negativity. It does no one any good...and when she relizes she can't get your goat...that will be better than you saying anything back negative to her...

by the way...thanks for directing me to Fitday.com

heatherleahis said...

Isn't it so sad that there are people like her?!Vile,self loathing,and a virtual product of media abuse,maybe she has been abused herself, and takes comfort in letting her steam off on others. Instead of doing things to better herself, or things in general..she choses to show her true colors as a looney toon with no values or taste.Forget her and people like her!Those people probably have much bigger issues than losing a few pounds.-Heather