Thursday, March 11, 2004

Month #4 Update

The scale was merciful.  I now weigh 297 lbs and 6oz, down 4lbs and 1oz from February's 301lbs and 7oz.  I also managed to shed 4 inches for the month.  So that means even though my weight loss slowed down to an average of 1lb a week, I still managed to lose weight during the chaos.  All of which I'm very happy about, even if I didn't meet my 8lb goal.

With that month tucked safely behind me now I'm ready to step up the exercise and keep to my commitment of living a healthier lifestyle one day at a time.  My goals for this month include:

Gonna get real about the toning.  It's a known fact that muscle mass works as a furnace to burn fat, and I totally let this slide all this last month.  It explains the screeching halt my steady weight loss came to.  So Pilates here I come, and I may even order the Windsor Pilates tapes I saw Daisy Fuentes hawking on an infomercial.  I figure maybe a new routine will excite me more.

I'm still going to watch the sodium, although I may not be as rabid about it.  I'm gonna try watching it for one more month to see if it makes any real difference.  I notice that things low in sodium (grains, pastas, potatoes) are high on the Glycemic Index so that leads to overeating.  All I have to remember is to step up the water intake, and that should help me shed the excess sodium.  But we'll see.  This month was not a good one for experimentation.

I'm a size 26 as far as hips and bust go, but that waistline is still reading higher.  It's time to work those abs.  It's also time to step up cardio as well - as that will help melt away the fat that's covering all those abs.  Walks and bike used together four days a week (or every other day) and pilates & bike on the alternates, taking one complete day to rest.

Goals for April 11th - weigh in at 289 (an 8lb loss, or 2lbs a week) and lose an inch from each major measuring point (5 inches). 

Calories: 2183 - 21% fat

Sodium: 2476mg

Water: 48oz

Exercise:  None


nightjourney said...

Good evening Ginger, Good for you, even after the weekend you lost weight and inches. I don't want to sound tooo ingorant but what are "pilates?" Since you came into my life I have quit using salt in cooking and very little anywhere else. My husband needs to lose some weight so he isn't complaining. Drinking lots of water. Thank you for your inspiration. You stick to your guns and one of these days you will not feel your legs rubbing together..:o) Blessings rae

queenz43 said...

I think you are so inspirational. Keep up the good work.

drgnflyjwls said...

Fantastic loss! I truly believe losing it slowly will keep it off! 4lbs. a month is terrific!

I've really gotten inspiration from you today. Thank you!


frogs4131 said...

I think you look GREAT!

journey2sarah said...

VERY dramatic photos!!!! The whole project just seems so concrete--there is always that creepy problem when reducing on our own--am I really going to do this? ---haunting haunting haunting away..... So, every time we log on and see your progress, just even that you didn't completely blow out (e.g., quit) it is a real boost to us!!! You are our hero Ginger; just keep putting one foot in front of the other; baby steps, anything! It all helps; the alternative is not good. Hugs!

sonensmilinmon said...

WoW, Cathy you look AWESOME! What a beautiful difference in your face. Such an inspiration ... keep up the good work.

Smilin Mon