Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another Pound Gone

On a lark I decided to weigh in today even though it's not Saturday.  Mostly I wanted to make sure that the lack of exercise for the week wasn't sabotaging me completely.  Thankfully it hasn't.  I am down to 293lbs and 8oz, which is a 1lb 3oz loss from Saturday.  I sure like seeing those numbers go down.

I'm still feeling run down.  I actually took a pregnancy test yesterday because all the symptoms were indicating that might be a possibility.  It was negative, so I guess it's just the birth control pills I started taking with this cycle.  So it very well could be hormonal due to my cycle.  PMS is not my friend.

We're talking headaches (migraines), extreme fatigue, moodiness, insomnia (might have something to do with the fatigue), weird dreams, some nausea and a passion for sweet food.  I mean... it's almost an urgent need.  I've managed to make the sweets I've allowed myself work within my food plan, but I'd give just about anything to feel normal again.  I hate feeling out of control, and that's what PMS does to me.  IF Steven's benefits ever kick in I can go see a doctor about it.  Until then....  I'm really no fun to live with.

Tomorrow is Dan's birthday.  It's gonna be tough.  I think that's another part of what has had me down all week.  The boys want to celebrate it, I'd be glad just to make it through the day without any major emotional melt downs. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

Calories: 1742 / 22% fat
Sodium: 2569mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None. 



sonensmilinmon said...

WoW sounds like you are doing a great job! We shall see this to the end my friend ... PMS, negative self talk is NOT going to dash our dreams and block our goals from becoming reality! I'm proud of you!
Smilin Mon

journey2sarah said...

Gin: You are suffering from classic sugar blues. I did not want to say anything because you were happy before--but learn all about it: book's title is "Sugar Blues" it has been in print since the 1970's; paperback about $6.99. WELL WORTH IT. If you are convinced, I can direct you more. Society's problem is it puts sugar in EVERYTHING in this country! This book tells one man's journey out. You had mentioned earlier you were concerned about your increased sugar....

perryb178 said...

Yea! You lost another pound! I wish I did. You are doing great! I can certainly comiserate on the mood swings. For years, for one week out of every month, all I could think about was how could I "run away" from my life and everything in it ! Thankfully, it has eased up considerably in the last couple years. I am 47. DB