Thursday, March 18, 2004

Don't Panic, I Didn't Pass Out in Green Beer...

Though entirely Irish I may be.  :)  Happy belated St. Patty's Day to everyone. 

I actually got out of the house last night and it was nice.  I went over to my sister's and she's now a converted  This program just totally ROCKS.  The control it gives you over your food and your weight loss process is priceless - and the best thing is it's free.

So much money is made off of the desperation of overweight people seeking those miracle cures or those helpful crutches, when we're all a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  What we need we already have, it's just a matter of knowing that we have it, and putting it to use.   I saw an ad the other day for a treadmill that comes with a CD that will program the treadmill to include inclines while playing music and having a cheerful voice tell you how well you're doing.  For just four easy payments of $50.  C'yah right!  I get that for free just going out my front door and heading to the park. 

The things I want to spend money on are things like new Pilates routines, because I know they work.  Or maybe some more herbal supplements that help me feel better and my body work more like it should.  I've been taking St. John's Wort for about a week now to try and shake that cloud of depression that fell on me last month, and I like the fact I can feel a difference.  These are things I'll spend money on.  More gimmicky equipment, no thanks. 

I know what it takes to lose the weight, it's been in me all along.

<clicking bright green sparkly shoes together> There's no place like thin.  There's no place like thin.

Calories: 1773 / 23% fat

Sodium: 2492mg

Water: 72 oz

Exercise: walked 1 mile at park, clocked in 12,012 steps running various errands.


drgnflyjwls said...

"So much money is made off of the desperation of overweight people seeking those miracle cures or those helpful crutches,.."

Amen! Amen! AMEN!

Great entry Gin!


hapy203 said...

All of this is sooo true!!!

journey2sarah said...

Oh my! I originally found out about your site (I think) right before the time of the "Steven" debacle--at that time I reviewed your wedding material and was happy for you both (marvy pix!!!). I wandered away (I learned AOL was featuring you) I curiously read a little more about the time Steven disclosed his deed(s) (gasp). Then I found time and read a few screenplays (no comment yet, except--wow!). Continued...

journey2sarah said...

Then, last weekend, with great courage as I learned my way around this site, I read the poems you wrote (both of yours), I had been saddened by the apparent demise of a great relationship. Now, I just found his journal (I had some free time again)--read some, woa!! A real-life soap opera (and all I wanted to do was get some camaraderie for weight loss!). (Steven is really interesting with his in your face honesty....) cont'd

journey2sarah said...

I am virtually speechless from it all; I just hope one thing!!! I really hope he is as honest as says he is! Time tells all they say. A good track record means a lot. A witch--great heavens!!!!!!! We have a special christian prayers; I will be saying them for you both. He did leave the computer screen there to be discovered. Could he be trying to make the "new" Ginger jealous? He had better behave himself with all of us watching!!!

journey2sarah said...

Not be a comment hog: but "bravo" Ginger!!! You are going through the fire and wow!!! Watch out world. And...there really is no place like thin!!! [I can't weight to depart from the over 200 club myself--forever--it's ruining my life!!!].