Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Patience is a Virtue - Where Can I Buy Some?

Today was weigh in day.  I've gained back up to 287.  Sigh.  I lost inches, three this week alone, but I've gained weight.

I found this stuff online:

I am losing inches, but not pounds. Why?
Five Weight Loss Dilemmas - Gaining weight and staying motivated

And not only that but I weighed in on my home scale that measures body fat and I've lost from 49% to 46%.

So I know that I'm losing fat, I know I'm reconditioning and retoning my body.  The numbers won't budge and that's annoying, but eventually they will.  I'm doing everything right - I'm eating a decreased calorie diet low in fat, drinking plenty of water and getting the proper exercise.

The numbers are going to have to take care of themselves.

I was thinking about changing to a different eating plan but I think I'm just going to be still and rest in this plateau.  It's not leveling out because of anything I'm doing or not, it's just the natural course of things.  I'm gaining muscle, and the inches are dropping.  I had hoped to lose 100lbs by August when Steven and I take an anniversary trip to Las Vegas - but I'm going to have to settle for losing 10 dress sizes instead (I'm 3 inches away from 24 woo woo!).  That's a pretty big deal and worth a congratulatory trip.  I went to the mall today and window shopped at the cool clothes I'll be able to wear. 

Talk about needing patience LOL  I had never really window shopped before for things like clothes and shoes, to know now I have to wait for these things was a bit of a challenge for this impulsive product of the RIGHT NOW generation.  And it doesn't help that since I've lost weight I want to get the sexy shoes and the nicer clothes.  I have never ever gotten into shoes but I'm turning into Imelda Marcos all of a sudden, trying on and loving all these wonderful shoes. 

I don't even want to think about what it's going to be like in a year when I'm closer to goal or at goal size. 

Speaking of which it's time to go to work so I can start saving for this new wardrobe. ;)

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I don't have to be told or shown I am a success, true success comes from within.

June 29
Calories: 1974 / 19% fat
Water: 72oz
Exercise: Walked 1.5 miles

June 30
Calories: 2079 / 30% fat
Water: 100oz
Exercise: Walked 2 miles, Pilates

RED means I didn't meet goal.


journey2sarah said...

It is very simple:  muscle weighs more than fat; water weighs more than fat.

Good G-d!  10-- (TEN) count them 10!!!! dress sizes!

perryb178 said...

I am going through the same thing.  The scale shows a few pound gain, but the new jeans I bought skin tight after losing the 30 are getting so loose I can almost pull them up and down without unzipping!--Weird!!!  DB