Wednesday, June 23, 2004

New Photo Update

A bit late this month, my apologies.

Even though I didn't see the progress I wanted to see, I'm proud of the fact that the Tweety shirt I'm wearing in the recent pics is a size 1X.  I've never been able to wear it - it was too tight when I bought it.  So that I can wear it now is a big deal to me.

I found out an interesting tidbit about sleep habits and weight gain - it turns out if you don't get enough sleep your body developes an inability to dispose of glucose using insulin.  According to the article I found today it says:

The sleep loss affected many biological processes, including thyroid function and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which was abnormally high in the evening in the sleep-deprived men, she says. But after the men made up for the sleep loss, they showed no signs of permanent damage, and their metabolic levels returned to normal.

So after a full night's sleep I weighed in at 285,  four pounds lighter than the other day I weighed in at 289.  It's only a pound loss since last month at 286, but at least it's going down.  And I think by taking good care to get regular sleep and cut down on the sugar, we'll start to see the success I had at the beginning of this journey. 

Of course flip flopping the sleep schedule over is a challenge.  I took a nap this evening because my back hurts, so that cut my calories short and my water shorter.  I just have to be patient with myself.

One thing to be proud of is that I'm walking even though I put no exercise pressure on myself this week. 

Baby steps.

Meanwhile I'm going to go back to bed.  I took a pain reliever and hopefully will knock out this backache.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am sculpting a beautiful, healthy body.

Calories: 1747 / 15%
Water: 62oz
Exercise: Walked 1 mile

RED means I did not meet goal


sjburgess51 said...

  You are doing just fine!  Keep up the good work!  You are really changing in the photos Gin!  It's amazing to watch this process. Anything worth doing is worth doing well AND it takes time to do anything worth doing well.  (That's what my mama used to tell me)  She was an Irish sage, didn't know how very smart she was until I got older.  ;)
 "Lord, please be with my friend Ginger today as she fights her battles".  Amen.

rogueapbt said...

Ginger, can you tell me how you make that little list for Cals/Water/Exercise show up single-spaced like that? Every time I hit "enter" on my journal, it double-spaces, and I can't see how to change that. Do you cut and paste that from some other application?

Thanks for your help,

journey2sarah said...

Congratulations!!!!  Let's all grab onto the victory!  You reached the 3rd decade of pounds off and you have consolidated your weight loss to another month of all the pounds off that you so joyously dropped before, and then one more too!  So a good victory!  And, you now come seasoned with valuable information!  Use it!  Let's not get into a big rush because a big rush comes with a big let down!!!!  Keep it steady as she goes, baby steps baby!  Big losses will come again you shall see!