Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Importance of Being Deliberate

If there's one thing I've learned on this journey is that thought must be applied before action.  Never do I get in more trouble as when I do anything unconciously.  If I eat without planning, I overdo it.  If I don't plan for excercise, I completely ignore it altogether.  Things have to be deliberate.

For a while now around mid workout I think I should have lit my fragrance jar or candles or lights that make for a more welcoming and relaxing environment.  Something to make it pleasing on every level.  But I never remember to do it, because I put off working out till the least possible minute.  I try to get chores out of the way, work out of the way, etc.  I even started to pray before the workout, committing the exercise to God and praying that he will put it to good use in my body, but I've forgotten to do that too lately.  Only till I get to some difficult maneuver when I have to call on God to help me get through it (can you say Bridge?  I knew that you could) - that's when I remember I haven't said the initial prayer.

I have gotten a lot more deliberate with my eating, so now I have to be just as tenaticous with the rest of my actions.  I have to apply thought, be deliberate and exercise control.  You'd think a control freak like me would hate flying by the seat of her pants, but yet I put myself in these positions.

Keeping this in mind, I must make a plan for the 20th.  As you may know, this is my photo update day, and this month it happens to be Father's Day also.  Lately I've been keeping Steven's hours, i.e. working overnights and sleeping during the day.  So on Sunday more than likely I'll go to church, come home, catch a nap and then take Steven out to Perini's, his favorite steakhouse.  Given I won't get much sleep, I think I'm going to delay the photo update until the 21st instead.  Which means I have to be especially conscious of what I eat on Sunday if I'm going to weigh in on Monday.   OR I could weigh in later today (Saturday), it just depends on how I feel when I get up later.  We have our church membership class this morning, so we're going to get to bed especially late.

I'll let you know later how it goes.

Meanwhile, it's another On Program day, which pleases me greatly.  Again I was beating the water clock last night and I swear you can hear me slosh when I walk.  BUT, things are running a lot smoother these days.  I'm not sure if it's going back to the bran cereal or just having adequate hydration - but I feel much better than I have in a while. 

It all comes back to that authentic life.  We all know what we need to do, and doing it is the only way to feel right within our skin.

I'm getting there.  :)

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I'm sculpting a beautiful, healthy body one good choice at a time.

Calories: 1833 / 24% fat
Sodium: 2983mg
Calcium: 2022mg
Water: 100oz
Exercise: 30 mins Pilates

RED means I didn't meet goal

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kennethfks said...

Thank you for inspiring me. please add more. You do write well. Also, I believe
great weight loss must be be done with God's help as this is a healing. I am size 26, the biggest I have ever been and now have arthritis and can walk or exercise very little. I was our of work six months while I was determining what was wrong with me and getting meds leveled out. It turned out menopause and arthritis all to hit at the gib 50. But thanks be to God I have found a new place to work which is more sedentary, but I cannot seem to lose the weight. Your journal has truly helped me get started this day. I wish you the best in your journey which has already been successful and shall continue to be. Please don't let anything stop you. God bless. MPS