Thursday, June 24, 2004

What a difference 9 sizes make...

Today just for the heck of it I went and tried on my wedding dress.  On my wedding day my sister was a little concerned we wouldn't be able to zip up and button this dress.  Today, I could get into and out of it zipped up.  Today, the top of this dress gaped and draped around me with enough room for my and Pam Anderson's boobs. 

It was a wonderful, wonderful thing.

I'm so completely jazzed.

I also managed to get a walk in this morning, the big route.  I also did Pilates on my brand new Pilates ball.  Another one bit the dust courtesy of my feline contengent.  I swear one of these days I'm going to find little scratch marks by their bed to signify how many balance balls have met their premature doom. 

Meanwhile I'm exhausted.  I got up at 5:30am and I'm falling asleep sitting up.  So I'm going to hit the hay and start again tomorrow morning. 

Gotta get that sleep.


Calories: 1858 / 21%
Water: 100oz
Exercise: walked 2 miles, Pilates

RED means I did not meet goal


sjburgess51 said...

Good golly Miss Molly!  Where did you go?  Don't cha just loooove it!

tlaceto said...

Absoluteyly Incredible!!! You look great!

sv135obpa said...

Hi Ginger,  Sooooo very proud of you!  Putting on THE dress puts all your hard work and success for all to see.  I hope your thinking of getting a brand new dress for those renewals.  You deserve it.  By the way, I LOVE YOU!    MOM2  XXXOOO

bldralli said...

Hi Ginger,

I read your journal when you were a featured AOL member.  I was inspired enough to start my own journaling and to face the fact that no one can make me succeed unless I do it myself.  I don't need an organized group and I don't need public declarations of my process.  My journal is enough and I need to use it as my own support system.  When I hit a brick wall, I read journals like yours and am refreshed.

Congratulations on your work so far.  It's hard to stick to a plan in the long haul and you are doing great!


girltbuodon said...

Ginger! OMG that is so awesome, your doing great!

rwvopa said...

You're an inspiration to us all.

Love, Dad