Thursday, June 10, 2004

Fighting the Stress

Lemme tell you a bit about my electric company.

They SUCK.

When we first moved in at our old place late June of last year, we signed up with, oh, let's call them Satan.  They ended up cutting us off despite the fact that we had paid the deposit, citing that it was the apartment managers fault for sending in a disconnect notice.  This ended up being a bogus claim because the service was already in our name and the apartment complex couldn't shut off "our" service, only their service.  But we went without power during a blazing hot day in July.

Month after month passes by and we get no bill.  We call to find out our balance and they say we owe nothing.  By the time we moved in January we called to find out our bill again, and they said we had a dollar balance.  We transferred service and within the month we got whacked with a $1600 bill.  This is common with this company I found. 

Anyway, after a move we didn't have this money to pay in full, so we had to set up payments.  This works out to be about $225 a month on top of our regular bill.  It hurts financially, but we have to have power.  And if we wanted to change to another company that a. has better customer service and b. has a better rate, we have to pay a deposit now and wait 4-6 weeks for power to be transferred.  Apparently this is a new thing in Texas.

Well, just when we get resolved to pay approximately $400 a month for electricity, this month's bill came.  Timothy, my oldest child, ended up putting a rather nice hole in his bedroom window (storm windows no less) and apparently this screwed up our AC efficiency because this month was a whopping $437 bucks.  Including the back payment we owe that sets our bill for this month at $662.  Just when I finally got the spare $500 for the plane tickets to Vegas for my anniversary, where the free rooms wait.

I'm so frustrated.  I  hate to admit, I am discouraged.  Just so tired of fighting these money problems. 

I am proud to report that I didn't want to eat upon hearing this news yesterday.  I didn't even go back to bed like I wanted to.  I was stressed, but I didn't revert back to emotional eating.  So I'm happy about that.  I know that we'll figure out something, Steven is considering selling his gaming cards since he doesn't really play anymore anyway.  We turned off the AC and are suffering through with fans.  It's bloody hot.  But I figure even this is good for the weight loss as I'm now living in a sauna.  Couple that with not being able to afford much food - instant weight loss. LOL

That's me, Queen of the Silver Lining.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: Psalms 56:11 - in God I trust without a fear. What can man do to me? 

Calories: 1893 / 34%
Sodium: 2058mg
Calcium: 387mg
Water: 48oz
Exercise: None

RED means I didn't meet goal

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ivorygrace7 said...

LOL!  No money for food here either...easy weight loss plan!  Sorry to here about the electricity company problems though.