Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Of course you know, this means war.

I realized today that I have been in the 280s since April.  This is not acceptible.

The only reason I haven't lost weight like I used to is I lost the focus I used to have.  When I started this year I wasn't going to make a new year's resolution to lose weight because it always seems like resolutions lose their steam by February.

Plainly speaking, I got lazy - I lost my drive.  I lost my longing.  I began to coast, and I have no one to blame but myself for losing progressively less and less until I actually gained weight during the course of a month.

So no more.  I'm going to renew my focus - I'm going to renew my passion and my longing for a better, healthier body.  No more am I going to ride the wave like a twig helplessly floating along wherever the mighty river decides to take it.

No, from this day forward *I* am the river. 

Toward this goal I bought my very first Tae Bo tape.  I may be rhymically challenged, but I'm not going to let that stop me.  Nothing is going to stop me.  I know how to make this thing work, I've done it time and again in the past.

So here's my goals from here on in.  I'm going to walk 5 days a week, at least 30 mins.  I'm going to alternate Tae Bo and Pilates six days a week.  Tonight was Tae Bo, tomorrow is Pilates, etc. 

I'm going to get my water in, 100 oz a day.  After the Tae Bo this shouldn't be a problem - I killed a half a bottle in one gulp. 

I'm going to get no less than 1800 and no more than 2000 calories a day.  With the extra work, I'm going to fuel my body.  Again no more than 30% of that will be fat, and I'm going to get my sodium back under control at no more than 3000 grams.  And the calcium will be no less than 1100mg a day. 

I'm a woman on a mission.  Nothing will stop me.  Most especially ME.

I've got a Las Vegas trip in August that I had planned to treat myself for reaching the 100lb weight loss.  Not only that but I have a vow renewal next year on my anniversary, and I'm going to be goal weight.  Life is not going to wait for me to get off my tuckus - and I'm tired of feeling so discouraged that I'm not seeing the success I used to.  It's only because I'm not doing what I used to. 

And that changes.  Today.

DAILY AFFIRMATION:  I won't let me get in the way of my goals anymore.  Today is a new day, I'm not who I was yesterday, nor am I half of the success I'm going to be tomorrow.

Calories: 2059mg / 26% fat
Sodium: 2705mg
Calcium: 1191mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: 30 mins Tae Bo

RED means I did not meet goal


molly146012 said...

what a positive entry! sounds great. molly

perryb178 said...

With this attitude you will definitely reach your goal, I have no doubt.  Thank you for continuing to help inspire and motivate me.  DB

journey2sarah said...

Ginger it looks like you are feeling your way along whenever you get lost; I saw a blind woman the other day and she was in an unfamiliar room so she resorted to feeling the furniture.  Also, someone I know was helping a blind couple buy a new house and the blind couple (both blind) say they do not look at houses they "feel them."  Often, you are getting your directions from your "feelings" about things.  Consider this.

Yes sometimes we take backsteps, but if we are on the wrong path and we refuse to go back to the fork in the road where we should have turned we may find ourselves detouring the circumference of the globe only to get back to the part where we still need to turn back to the correct way.  You are seeing many non-scale victories; I see you are finally comitted to healthful exercise, which was your weakness before.  Also, do not forget, as you reduce--your speed of reducing will diminish somewhat simply because it takes less to fuel/haul around the much diminished body mass--inches upon inches of all too solid flesh are no longer there!!!!  

[Me:  Rejoice everybody with me!!! John finally told me last night, he is "falling in love with me!!!!"  And, asked which church would I marry in (in the event I did!)LOL!  Thanks to ALL for any prayers said on my behalf.  I have been single almost my entire life (except for about 12 months--and even that was not that married.)  I still would welcome your prayers now more than ever.   It would be so cool if this worked out and I were slim for the event!!!  Looking to drop about 50 more!  ptou ptou!]    

grettysk said... really have the knack for putting your goals and dreams into action.  When you feel yourself slipping a little, you get right back on track.  But be gentle with yourself....some days will be better than others...that is just life. Period.  I just turned 40 on tuesday and had an awakening, I will call it.  I just get so tired of talking about it, but never DOING it.  I am very good at that.  Maybe you could say a prayer for me....I would be greatly appreciative.

Also...just remember...on most "diets", like weight watchers, even though veggies have calories, they are pretty much freebies.  You could use them for filler and feel much more satisfied at your meals.  I am going to do that, too. Especially with your Lean Cuisine entrees...if you make a big salad...or a big plate of stir fry veggies ( that is what I love) you would fill so much more full and get the benefits of the vitamins, too.  Just a suggestion...and I AM talking to myself, as well.

Love ya, girl!  Gretchen