Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Okay.  I measured today and I'm up another inch.  At first I was highly upset.  My month of exercise has yeilded less results that I was enjoying.  My weight loss has stagnated.  I've watched my successes dwindle from 17lbs a month to 12 to 8 to 6 to 4 and now to none. 

So I've had to re-examine my strategy.  What was I doing differently back then to what I'm doing now.  What was I doing that was so successful that I'm no longer doing?

Two things come automatically to mind.  The first is I used to walk a lot more.  I used to walk no less than 5 times a week in addition to the daily cardio of riding the bike and doing the Pilates.  Since the weather has gotten hotter, I don't walk as much.  But I need to make it a priority to make it to the mall even if it's too hot to walk at the park.  Walking is where I had a lot of success.

The second thing that comes to mind is my focus on sodium.  I depend on processed meals because of the sodium control I have with it.  It's easier to pop a Lean Cuisine in the microwave and know exactly how much sodium is in it, than to do a crap shoot with other things that I prepare separately.  Not to mention, all food that comes from a box or a can has one of two preservatives.  If it doesn't have sodium, it has sugar.  I'm beginning to suspect that the sodium is the lesser of the two evils.

A lot of people have mentioned that I need to do away with processed foods altogether.  Unfortunately this is not a realistic option for me simply because my grocery budget is very limited.  I purchase groceries once every two weeks, and if I buy fresh vegatables they're gone or bad within the first week.  Then there's the cost of the healthier alternatives.  I've often said that I'm too poor to be thin.  Lean cuts of meat cost more, fresh vegatables cost more, etc and so far.  It's far more economical for me to buy a box dinner than to get all the separate componants to make a more natural dinner.  And the fact is I've made that work within my goals.

When I started watching sodium I steered away from things like tuna, canned chicken, lunch meat, cheese products, breads, canned beans and most vegatables in a can because of the high sodium risk.  I don't eat subway because almost all of  their 6 grams and under sandwiches are over 1000 grams of sodium.  The alternative was I was eating foods high in sugar because they were low in sodium just to make it fit.

So, just for the next month, until July 20, I'm going to stop focusing on the sodium and just eat like I normally did.  Watching the fat and calories, making healthier choices.  I'm getting enough water now that I shouldn't retain water, and I've retained water anyway even watching the sodium. 

Also for the week I'm going to ditch the exercise.  Mostly because of problem number three - my schedule.  Back when I had the most success I was on a regular schedule.  I was getting up in the morning and getting the most out of my day.  I wasn't on a weird sleep schedule where some days I'd sleep at night and some I'd sleep during the day.  My energy is zapped if I sleep during the day, and it may seriously be messing up my metabolism.  So while I'm shifting back into a more normal schedule, I'm going to ditch the exercise.  My body will be working hard enough.

Tomorrow is weigh in and pictures without fail.  It's a new starting point.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am unstoppable. 

Calories: 1929 / 25%
Water: 100oz

RED means I didn't meet goal


melodee128 said...

Occasional lurker here . . . I read not long ago that when you don't have enough sleep, your body produces a hormone (I think it was) that increases your appetite.  Just another reason that sleep is really important.  :)  (www.melodee128.blogspot.com)

journey2sarah said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  The crack of light beginning to direct the way to the end of the tunnel.  Vegetables:  Think fresh frozen!  --convenient, economical in the big bags, no preservative sugars/sodium the freezing is the preservative... (Green beans excellent natural diuretic.)  Sodium--never thought it that much of a big deal--drinking plenty of water to flush things out, no calories in it and an affirmed food scripturally.  Yes, sugar is the enemy!!!!!!!!  Yes to walking.  Yes to water.  Exercise:  yes, can put on weight (muscle weight though, good weight, more muscle mass takes more calories to maintain), yes moderately agressive exercise will contour, take off inches.  YES! to sleep hygiene.  Yes to whole grain pastas/breads.

[ME:  hey guys, John just bought a new bedroom suite and is asking my ring size!!!!!!  Keep them prayers coming!]

gloriason said...

I have read your journal for months now and it is the first thing I read every morning.  I also am dieting and have found that sugar is the enemy.  I have eliminated sugar and have lost 33 pounds in the last 3 months.  You can do this!

diannemasters7 said...

hang in there girl...we are all in this together...dont let the scales discourage you...im keeping you in my prayers...you really inspire me....drinking water, walking, reading the word, and wait on God...he has you in the palm of his hand...and he is in control....failure is the 1st step to victory....
later tater...dollybabies cry