Thursday, July 1, 2004

July 1 Photo Update

The difference is still visually minimal, but the measuring tape doesn't lie.  And I'm still bowled over by the 46% body fat after tipping that particular scale at 49% back in April. 

It's a slow process but we're getting there.

I didn't get for a walk this morning, I got up late and by the time I got up it was already hot as blazes.  So instead I did 30 mins of Tae Bo just now.  I still haven't mastered it and fizzle out before the whole 45min workout is done, but again... a slow process.  We'll get there.

I keep thinking that I have to change something to get those numbers to go down.  I bought another book today called Maximum Weight Loss by Ted Broer.  Like so many of you, one of his pieces of advice is to ditch processed food and in particular, sugar.

I'm a sugar-holic.  I admit it.  I cave to my sweet tooth.  The thought of giving it up forever really puts me off.  It triggers that deprivation issue BIG time.  According to this guy the five things you should never eat again is:

1.) Pork
2.) Shellfish
3.) Junk food of all types, which he describes as:
    a) A long list of preservatives on the label (i.e. Ginger's food staple -        processed  food)
   b.) Sugar as the first or second ingredient on the label
   c.) The use of hydrogenated fats
   d.) The use of processed white flour
4.) High fat diary problems
5.) Use of margerine products.

If you all have ever checked out what I eat over on fit day you'd realize that this pretty much sums up my entire diet.  Except for the high fat dairy stuf and the margerine products, I'm sunk. 

Anyway I'm getting the hint but again I must stress I have to do this slowly.  I don't want to risk falling off the wagon because of the deprivation issue - it has always, always been my achilles heel.  So I'm willing to do this.  I'm going shopping tomorrow and I'm not going to buy anything with sugar as the first two ingredients on the list.  I have a couple of dessert mixes in the cabinet already, so those don't count.  But I won't bring anything more into the house.  I'm going to do what I can to find and buy cookbooks that offer sugar free dessert alternatives so I can have the sweet without the sugar.  Some people insist fruithas the same effect, I have not found this to be true.  BUT... I'm willing to give it another chance.

I'm also going to attempt to buy more fresh stuff this time around and see if I can budget it in.  Maybe even a salad or two.  Summer is the best time to eat fresh stuff anyway because I love fresh plums, apricots, watermelon and cherries, all summer fruit.

I was so frustrated the other day I was going to write Dr. Phil and tell him, "Ok, Dr. Phil.  I heard you say that your Weight Loss Challenge contestants were losing weight on average 3lbs a week.  I have an anniversary goal to get down to my goal weight and I'll have to lose about that to get there.  So I'm going to put you to the test and see if it really can happen."  Then right as I thought that I thought to myself, I better go eat what I can eat before I go on this diet - and I knew right then I was in trouble.

I may still, who knows.  If this standstill lasts for much longer, the sheer frustration of being stuck in the mud may just send me off the wagon too.  Whatever I have to do I'm going to do to keep going and make it to the end.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: Each day is one day closer to goal.

Calories: 2063 / 24% fat
Water: 100oz
Exercise: Tae Bo 30 mins

RED means I didn't meet goal.


journey2sarah said...

He's flaking on pork, shellfish, & high-fat dairy..., my guess is he may have a religious bias which is not something christians are bound by--all are perfectly natural, healthy when eaten in the correct combinations.  The rest he is on the money.

journey2sarah said...

PS:  might I add... HALLELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sjburgess51 said...

Dear Gin,
 You are looking slimmer all the time!  Way to go girl!
 I know Splenda is expensive but you might try it.  It's made from sugar and it does taste like sugar.
 The best thing to try however is Stevia.  Stevia is all natural, safe for diabetics, 0 Glycemic Index, 0 Calories, High in Fiber and it tastes good.  The best brand I've found so far is "SweetLeaf Stevia Plus".  There are some other stevia's out there but just not as good as this one ... it's really good.  :)
 There are Stevia cookbooks available.  I got mine at Drug Emporium in their health section.  Don't know if you have Drug Emporium where you live but you can probably find a Stevia cookbook in any health food store.

perryb178 said...

I saw a good friend of mine this week.  She had been looking really terrible this past year.  So much so I was a bit worried about her.  She has never been very overweight, but quite chunky at times.  And this past year had really looked as though her health was going down hill.  She is quite a bit younger than I, but lately, looked alot older.  Well I was shocked to see her absolutely glowing.  She had also dropped a few pounds.  Her house which had been total chaos since she split with her husband several years ago, was now really coming together, and she had taken on several decorating projects.  I was amazed.  I asked her 'What have you been doing, taking alot of vitamins?'  She replied ' Actually I havent been very good at all about taking my vitamins, but I have been concentrating on eating better.  More fruits and vegatables, less carbs and trying not to eat any white flour products.'  This major transformation took place in all of 3 weeks!  Just shows what a little mindfull, healthy eating can do!  I thought sharing this might help spur us all on to better eating!   DB

sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin,
 I've found some information on Dr. Broer.  He appears to be a Christian and has some sound diet advice.  I can see why you were drawn to his program!  I am interested and would like to get this book too.
 Also I looked at your photos again, I can tell the most difference in the side shot.  I compared your "girth"section.  Look closely at your girth/hand area in the May photo then again in July where the girth is compared to your hand.  See what I mean? The girth is lifted up by several inches!  Isn't that so cool?  :)

derasta said...

You're really doing great! I had been swimming laps in my pool but it always isnt warm enough for me to do i've decided to start walking...last night I walked with my husband and dogs about 3 blocks...i'll slowly increase that...keep up the great work!

cprettiman said...

Ginger, I sympathize.  But you are going to HAVE to find alternatives to the sugar and processed food.  It will depress your immune system (read: make you sick more often, and for longer), give you depression, mess up your complexion, and make you live a shorter life, with less energy.  You are using a denial mechanism by saying, "Real food costs too much; give me some more semi-food out of a box."  Real food does NOT cost too much; processed food is expensive.  Buy vegetables and then force yourself to prepare them right away.  Ditch sugary foods and replace them with graham crackers, no-sugar-added jelly (which can go on top), and coconut date rolls, which you can eat right out of the freezer for a sweet treat.  Until you get off processed sugar, fruit will never seem like a substitute.  PLEASE trust me, I know.  I used to weigh 175 and now weigh in the low 130s.  I never get tired, except when I have been up for 18 or 20 hours.  Check labels and start stepping the sugar down.  For your family's sake.  Ask yourself when you are tempted: "which do I love more: this cookie, or my sons?"