Monday, July 19, 2004

The Great Cereal Conundrum

Just got back from HEB to stock up on a few of the items I ran out of, as well as get some distilled water just in case Jeannie is right and my body is detoxing right now.  We'll flush it out one way or the other. 

I get to also enjoy a legal root beer float, which is a lil taste o heaven right about now.  HEB Creamy Sensations No Sugar Added vanilla ice cream and Barqs Old Fashioned Root Beer, Diet.  I can't tell you how much finding no sugar substitutes of all my sweet treats has helped make this transition bearable.  I think one of the reasons a lot of "diets" fail is because people feel like they can't eat like "normal" people.  The trick is finding ways to make it work.

For instance, last night I felt like crapola and I wanted to send Steven out to Taco Bell for some $0.59 tacos.  Instead we made home made tacos for a lot less fat and calories.  It was a little more work, fortunately my 14 year old volunteered to help his sick mama.

The one place I'm having a hard time finding substitutes is in the cold cereal area.  Every morning I eat cold cereal.  For months on end I've been eating shredded wheat and bran accented with ripe bananas.  But now, I can't look Shredded Wheat in the face.  I'm done with that particular phase of my life for the moment and I want a new cereal.  This was a lot easier before the low sugar decision.  I ate Cracklin Oat Bran and Honey & Nut Total, both of which I enjoyed tremendously - both for their taste and for their health benefits.  Now I have to steer clear because the second ingredient in both is sugar.  Their sugar grams ring up at 12 and 9 grams respectively. 

I spent a good ten minutes on this aisle looking for a replacement.  Did you know even corn flakes list the second ingredient as sugar?  All reduced sugar/low carb cereals were over $5 a box (see my rant from before about highway robbery of healthy foods) and to be quite frank, didn't look all that appetizing.  Finally I grabbed a box of Cheerios Multi Grain.  It's not that great, but it's not that bad either.  I'll let you know if the taste was worth it.

It was the only time in the store I felt deprived of choices. 

As for the bronchitis I slept a lot yesterday to try and curb it, I've been guzzling Robitussen and may I just say - ew.  I hate this stuff.  Why expectorants have to be so nasty is beyond me.  It's not as nasty as the Nyquil Cough though, so I guess I can't complain.

Still coughing like crazy, but no fever or anything else.  Even the chest pain has lessened.  I still feel tired and tore up from the floor up, but if I baby myself now I can feel better later.

It'll be nice to feel human again.  I'm looking forward to it.



journey2sarah said...

Options on processed grains i.e., cereal are strictly limited:  Good Friends cereal, oatmeal, certain all bran, certain Barbara's, certain health food store cereals.  Your very best selection is in the health food store--keep your sugar grams at 6 or less per serving.  There's not much big money in the non-sugary type.  It's amazing how this culture starts off the day with cookies in disguise and milk isn't it? All the big dollar advertising the cereal companies dump into children's programming is nothing more than drug pushers getting us hooked on their sugar, white flour, corn syrup, and various other versions of highs--high glycemic highs.  We trust it again, because it is something society proffers to children.  Remember Gerber's getting in big trouble doing it even to the baby food?   We crash somewhere mid-morning and grab something else sweet (but not fruit, G-d forbid we grab fruit, it ends up tasting sour, or funny after our 26-50 gram usual high).

perryb178 said...

One cereal you might want to try is Fiber One.  The texture is a little odd, but it's crunchy with a bit of sweetness to it, if I remember correctly, is not sugar.  It also works great in the "regular department"!  DB