Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Wednesday Weigh In

Welcome to our new diet, the Flu Diet.  Steven dropped 5lbs in one week and I lost 2lbs.  I had a suspicion if I were to do the major walk enough in a week it would be the thing to turn things around, so even though I went to the store today and stocked up on healthy stuff (i.e. salad stuff, fruit etc) I'm going to hold off on the Dr. Phil for just a bit longer.  It comes back down to the deprivation thing I was talking about yesterday - I'm just scared spitless I'm going to fall off the wagon. 

Fortunately there's no law that says I have to do this any one way.  I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made just on my own Invent-a-Diet, which, according to an article I read not too long ago, is how most people successfully lose weight.  It's not by doing any one thing, but combining those things which fit their lives best. 

For instance, as a single guy Jared was able to afford eating Subway sandwiches at almost every meal and drop a ton of weight.  Some people have lost that much doing the Richard Simmons diet, some the Dr. Phil diet, some even Atkins and South Beach (although for health reasons I still would advise anyone to seriously consider any other method but - my mother just recently was diagnosed with high cholesterol, basically because of her insistance on doing it the low carb way). 

For me, this system works best.  As long as the numbers go down, inches and or pounds, I think I'm okay.  As of tomorrow I'm going to start walking again, I have let the exercise lapse just because of the icky way I've been feeling.  That, with the Salad Explosion, should help me see even more of a loss this coming week.  I'm never going to be hungry, I got carrots, celery, cucumbers and tons of fruit to snack on.  I didn't buy anything sweet or salty to snack on, no desserts, no chips or crackers.  I also didn't buy any cereal where the first two ingredients were sugar.  I was a conscious buyer.  The ticket came to a little over $100 for five days worth of food. 

Meanwhile I must pull it together so that I can get dinner made and finish doing my work for the day so I can collapse in a Nqyuil coma.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I'm 2lbs closer to my goal.

Calories: 1891 / 11% fat
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None

RED means I didn't meet goal.


derasta said...

I agree with everything you have to do what works best for know your own body better then anyone else...hope you're feeling better soon!!

journey2sarah said...

Hey Ginger:

I have been away for a few days...hey don't you beat up on the people coming here to help you.  No one said anything in a nasty way to you.  It seems like people have hit a nerve, though.  It looks to me that everything was said with love.   I DO totally agree with you that if you remove all of the comfort foods you will be doomed to go off the wagon.  Yes you are correct and my you have made strides in your shopping for good things! Take it in baby steps baby.  You are making consistent progress, your body is getting toned!  This is much more than most people who are just losing weight.   You are getting fit my dear!  

So, moral of the story, welcome the advice, temper yourself just a little bit.  You do have the button to remove anything untoward written to you.  You are winning as long as you continue to write.  Keep winning.  You will arrive, I promise!!!

[ME:  situation is rocky!  I have been stressed to the max and let John have it, we broke up and tonight we will see if we are going to stay together.  Please pray for me, I am a difficult person to match and I never find anyone I like.  I need him!]

lluvjoy2 said...

Hi Ginger, you have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure many, many others.  Keep your head up and your eye on the prize.  You are a true leader and a winner in my book.  I hope that I stay as focused as you are, for as long as you have.  God Bless  ~T

datadiva318 said...

Oh how I hate the flu!  I sure hope you guys are feeling better.  It wreaks havoc on a diet when you get sick, I know.  It makes it difficult to eat healthy when you can barely put down soup.  It's worse when everyone gets sick cause there is no one to take care of you.  :(

I hope you guys get well soon!  

I agree with you about the deprivation thing.  I can't do those fad diets or Dr. Phil for the exact same reason.  I need a lil bit of everything when I eat or I feel deprived and I love white bread. ;)

If you are afraid of falling off the wagon then just make small adjustments here and there over time like you did before or don't mess with your diet and up your workout.  It might help to go back and look at how you lost all the weight you have and use that info to help you.  Either way, do it your way and at your own pace.  You'll feel a lot less stressed that way.