Thursday, July 15, 2004

Slow Going in Flusville

Sorry I didn't update, like I said I would, but I slept right through weigh in.  By the time I woke up Steven had already gone to work.

He ended up working a double because his coworker has a chronic "call in sick on the 15th" disease.  <rme>

Anyway I stepped on the home scale and it showed a two pound loss.  It was pretty exciting.  Hopefully one day I'll make it to GNC and find out what that means LOL

Fortunately I think the fever has finally gone, and I wasn't near as sore today as I was yesterday.  I think I'm on the mend at last.  The hacking cough is all that's left.  It's a bear. 

I'll catch you all up tomorrow, meanwhile I want to finish my work and head to bed.


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journey2sarah said...

Hope you feel better Ginger