Sunday, July 18, 2004

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire...

Well it appears my worsening cough is the beginning stages of acute bronchitis.  Yay me.   I've had it off and on in my life, so I recognize the cough "aftertaste", and last night I went to bed and slept which was very unusual.  That coupled with chest pain sent me to the computer to test my symptoms and my sudden epiphany this might be the case.  Sure enough: Severe cases may also cause general malaise and chest pain.

I don't  have the wheezing yet, which is good, but I found that you shouldn't take a cough suppressent during acute bronchitis, which I've been guzzling like mad because this cough is way too much for me to take.  Can't sleep, can't work, can't do anything other than cough up a lung.  Now it looks like I have to go back on an expectorant to get the nastiness up.  Good news is I don't think I am in need of an inhaler yet, I've had bronchitis that bad before - generally because I let it go without any medical treatment.

I also read the disheartening news that acute bronchitis lasts about ten days.  This is not good news.  I was hoping to be back into routine by tomorrow.  Now it depends on how I feel - which at the moment is pretty cruddy.  My chest still hurts and I can't take the cough suppressent. 

Yes I'll have some cheese with my whine.  Low fat, please.

Anyhoo.  I'm going to go feel sorry for myself on the couch with my Vicks vaporub and my <making face> Robitussen.



datadiva318 said...

You poor dear!  I sure hope it doesn't last that long.  Get plenty of rest and take care of yourself.  Better yet, get your hubby to baby you!  ;)

Don't worry about the exercise.  Your body needs to heal.  

Hope you get well soon!

journey2sarah said...

It is a shame about the illness--I keep thinking there is something I have read that would help but I cannot think of it just now.

sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin,
 Maybe you're body is detoxing?  When I've done body detox classes for people, I've had them call back sick as a dog with all kinds of ailments.  They were in detox.  You really need to get several gallons of distilled water and flush through your body.  It will at least lighten the severity if you are detoxing.  A detox will pick out the weak organs of the body and go after them!  You will however be stronger when it's over.  In the meantime (sometimes, not always) you may feel as if you are going to roll over and play dead!  :(