Saturday, July 10, 2004

Small Update

I'm still dragging along trying to get rid of this nagging flu.  It's reduced itself, for me at least, to a nagging cough.  Thanks to good ol Vicks Vapo Rub they at least are getting more productive.

I took a day off yesterday and just vegged.  Finally Steven was feeling a bit better and I could have a Baby day - meaning I'm sick, it's my turn, baby ME.  It was much needed and I feel so much more rested today. 

Diet wise I'm still doing okay except for a Taco Bell run yesterday (see the I'm sick, it's my turn, baby ME, comment), but I still came in on my calorie goals.  I wanted something sweet so badly yesterday, but only resorted to fruit.

This sugar thing is a bear to kick. 

Anyway that's the 411.  Off to work.



chicagocubs2000 said...

Congrats on staying within your calorie limit, even with the fast food.  I've decided to cut out fast food and so far I've done good.  I still wish I had that Taco Bell though!! lol  

journey2sarah said...

Hey Gin:

Yes the sugar is quite a Bear!!!  Quite!  I used to indulge in it figuring I didn't drink or smoke much, didn't too much of the wild stuff, so it, I reasoned was my little indulgence in life.  Not until I realized I was having candy at breakfast and found the book I told you about published at about the same time did I come to begin to see something was seriously wrong.  I did not know I was getting high from my sugar.  I was addicted and it was too too late.  I mean, we are talking about stuff they give to a baby, stuff you get at the Dr's office (I was never so proud as when I would get a lollipop from the doctor's after a visit!), stuff they give out at every kid's birthday party, stuff in all the yummy sodas!  What do you mean it makes people high and is addictive and is further linked to cancer ????  

It messes with the insulin response.  Insulin is what determines how much fat is stored.  Coming off of it is quite a bear.  Do not be surprised if you crave things with white flour (e.g., bread, macaroni) or corn products (e.g., Mexican) or white potatoes (fries, baked potatoes, chips)--all are high glycemics.  PS, caffeine also messes with insulin response, e.g., cola, tea, coffee.  

Sugar found in many items, soda, coffee, fries, chips--all combos common in the American diet.  Glycemic response--foods/drinks.  Our drug of choice.  Why we are all now fat in major epidemic proportions.

Count on me to counsel you through--it is really something else.  Headaches, outrageous cravings, loss of energy.  Just hang in, do it the way that makes sense for you.    

derasta said...

Hope you feel better soon...