Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Photo Update

So apparently sleeping days and working nights effects your adding ability.  Today is the 19th, not the 20th.  But I went ahead and weighed in and did the photo update anyway.  Steven has an early morning meeting tomorrow and then has to work the graveyard shift tomorrow night so any real errands are out of the question.

Okay so I weighed in and I lost 6oz since Saturday (woo woo).  That means my total loss from April 20 to now is 4lbs.  One pound a week, I can deal with that.  The good news is I lost 8.5" in the month.  I'm now 4.5" away from a size 24, and I've been window shopping over the net trying to find some hot new clothes.

The shirt I'm wearing in the above photo is a 2X, where the Tshirt that I was wearing in the before photos is a 5X.  I'm pretty excited about that.  It's a bit snug on that last button when I sit, but give me a couple of weeks on Pilates and it'll be just fine.

Gretchen suggested I not go too crazy on my exercise plans and you know what?  I think she's right.  There's no sense to go from zero to 60.  So...  Pilates 3 days a week, bike 3 days a week and walk 3 days a week.  No sense setting myself up for failure.  Tonight I plan to do the pilates and then ride the bike for 15 minutes. 

I went over my calories today because I underestimated my dinner.  It was Whataburger Wednesday - buy one get one free.  I gave in to the Fried Pie - and it sent me over by about 20 calories.  Tomorrow will be better. 

Next weigh in is on the 1st, that's 11 days away.    No goals.  I'm going to worry about the daily goal of getting my exercise in and my daily caloric requirement.  The weight is going to have to take care of itself.  Getting too focused on the results was doing me in and leaving me frustrated.  I *know* that my body cannot help but lose weight if I simply burn more calories than I eat.  It'll do it at its own pace, I just need to do what I can to make each day as healthy as possible.  That's what is going to measure my success.

(I'm going to keep telling myself until I believe it, so be prepared to hear it a lot!)

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am a success.

Calories: 1921 / 30%
Sodium: 3045mg
Calcium: 752mg
Water: 48oz
Exercise: Pilates, rode stationary bike 30 minutes

RED means I did not meet goal
* Projected


sjburgess51 said...

Good Going!  You look great!

grettysk said...

LOOK AT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You look FANTASTIC!!!  You can tell, visually, all over your body...look at that backside, or lack there of....hee hee.  And even in your back and shoulders.  Sighhhh.  You are DOING IT!  And I am right there with ya!  Love, Gretchen

nslieder said...

Ginger, you look AWESOME!  What a difference!  You must feel so good!
Theresa  :-)

diamondx9x said...

Heeeeey Ginger!  :o)

Congrats on the loss and restarting your exercise, lady!  I'll take 8.5 in a month any day. You're doing a great job, Ginger. You really are and you're also motivating me. Girl, I want to thank you for reminding me how HUGELY important faith is, especially in this journey of ours. I'm still reading your blog, but just wanted to be sure to let you know that I finally ended my pity party and drug my butt over here to see you. And you're looking good, too, by the way. I still haven't gotten Dr. Jeffer's book yet. I think I'll have to purchase it because all 60 of the library copies are currently being used.

I have so much to say that I'll probably just send you an e-mail. I hope I haven't written too much for the comment box already. Be back soon, okay? And continue walking in Faith!

Oh, and thanks for you unyielding support. It sure means a lot to me. More than you know. BIG hugs to you, dear one!