Monday, May 10, 2004

Back in the Saddle

I have to confess.  It felt good to return to 1200 calories today.  I felt back into control, like I was definitely marching toward my goal instead of coasting.  Yesterday I felt bloated and fat and terrible.  Today I feel a lot more in control.

Another thing I have noticed, when I am eating 1200 calories I eat a more balanced diet.  Those pie graphs on show how balanced I eat.  I rarely have trouble meeting my sodium needs too.  I'm not meeting my calcium needs though, I may have to look into getting calcium supplements. 

I really thought it would be difficult to return to this restrictive eating plan, but it wasn't hard at all.  So hopefully I'll see some results at the end of the week.  I don't anticipate seeing much of a loss tomorrow - my home scale shows a gain.  So we'll just have to wait and see. 

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I'm sculpting a healthy and beautiful body.

Calories: 1296 / 26% fat
Sodium: 1724mg
Calcium: 999mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None


sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin!
 I bet we see another one of those "wow" photos of you next time!  You are doing so well!  I agree with you, a 1200 calorie choice is easier for me too.  You are doing so exceptionally well!  There is liquid calcium/magnesium at the heath food or some drug stores (in there healty section).  Be sure you take magnesium with your calcium so the calcium will be absorbed.  But also be aware that the magnesium part can make you run to the potty if you take too much!

journey2sarah said...

Hey Ginger:

I agree with Jeannie; take magnesium with your calcium.  I once read a long time ago that the calcium will actually have an adverse effect if not taken with the magnesium.  Best if you could get tablets with both in (and a little vitamin D as well).  The people at the store should be able to advise you.   you have a burning desire to join in the dance of life and it seems you see the weight loss as an entry card...I have to agree; life is a lot better slim in so many ways.  I can't wait until it is my status.  Oh and the calcium should be taken before bedtime (this comes from me, you may not find it elsewhere); I say this because it can make the person very relaxed (read drowsy).

Me:  everybody pray for my father; he collapsed on mother's day.  He has never been sick and is 74.  My poor dear mother.    

Read your screenplay.  You have a lot of raw talent.

njlittlebear said...

Great Journal !!!  Congrats on the Loss !!!!


sonensmilinmon said...


I have learned something over the Mother Day weekend.  We went out for a Mexican dinner as it's my favorite.  I found afterwards that I hate feeling full and I only ate half the platter, I hated feeling bloated ... I hated more than anything feeling so darn groggy afterwards, lacking the energy I had earlier in the weekend.

We are learning! We are changing! :)  Those are positive things.

Keep up your efforts.


diamondx9x said...

Hey Ginger!  :o)

Jus' popped in to say hi and...YOU are AWESOME!!!

Blessings, dear one.