Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday, Monday

Started off the day right, did my bike, did my Pilates - missed the walk though.  I joined up the Reebok Walk it Off challenge and the first goal is to walk 30 mins 6 days a week.  I blew that particular challenge. 

I went ahead and did my totals for yesterday just to see what they came up to.  I was really happy to learn that the regular food I ate yesterday hit about 1800 - 1900 calories, even with all the samplings.  Where I went overboard was the Lemonade Pie.  I had two pieces yesterday.  Not at the same time mind you, but still more than I needed.  My bad :(

I'm going to sample with this recipe a bit and make it as low fat as possible.  It may still be high in calories though, we'll have to see.  It's a really nummy recipe so if I can make it legal I'll be one happy camper. 

Tomorrow is my weigh in for the 1st of the month.  We'll see if I'm still wearing that pie by then.  The inches should still be good, though.  I have to take the photos with the shorts and the workout top, and that's still hard for me.  I need to be a lot more forgiving instead of so critical of my body.  The fact is I'm making real progress.  I gotta get out of this "forest for the trees" mindset.

Anyway long day, lotsa work, time for bed.  It's not even 11pm yet.  I don't know myself anymore LOL

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I choose to embrace my flaws rather than beat myself up for them.

Calories: 1932 / 29%
Sodium: 2722mg
Calcium: 1196mg
Water: 96oz
Exercise: rode bike 30 mins, Pilates

RED means I did not meet goal
* Projected


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