Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Month #6 Update

Well it's that time again.  I've been writing this journal for 6 months now, roughly losing from 320 down to 285 in 6 months.  That's 35lbs.  Not too shabby.  I had my February pitfall - going from a 12lb loss to a 4lb loss, and my April stagnation, going from an 8lb loss to this month's total - a 4lb loss.  My inches are much more impressive, at a loss of 8.5".   That helped me break through the final barrier and make it finally into a size 26.   I'm now 3.5" from a size 24.  I haven't been a size 24 in I don't know how long.  Since my 14 year old was in diapers I'm sure. 

I'm anxious to see how this "weekday" diet affects next month's totals.  I didn't get to "officially" weigh in today.  Steven had to work a double shift last night, and still had errands to run this morning.  By the time I got up he was crawling into bed.  But according to my home scale I weighed in at 291lbs just a few hours ago, which means that my morning weight would have been about three pounds less - and my home scale is 3-4lbs off anyway.  I thought I'd just go ahead and let the 285 stand, since I promised I'd let GNC be my "weight of record".  So we'll wait for Saturday for the latest weight loss news.

I have to admit I'm getting impatient.  Most of it is regret that I haven't made good choices and it added up to a couple of months where I didn't get the results I wanted.  That's why it's not difficult to do this limited calorie diet. And this is a diet.  It doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would.  I start each day with an eating plan - mapping out everything I am going to eat that day.  I like having that structured.  Maybe that's why I had such a problem with my free day - I felt out of control.  I didn't like that feeling at all.

The 2100 calorie diet didn't affect me that way, or even the 1800 calorie day in the middle of the week when I ate heavy Mexican food.  Just the free day.  I can't believe I used to live my life that way.  I can tell you with almost certainty if I ever gave up monitoring my food - I'd go back to the way I was in no time.  And I can tell you with an even higher degree of certainty - that's not going to happen.

I read a funny article today on wild celebrity diets.  I've included the link below. 


I give you all permission to spank me with a wet noodle if I try any of these diets.

This "weekday" diet is as extreme as I've gotten - or want to get.  I figure this will work for a while and if it stops then I have other tried and true methods that will keep it going.

But my Daily Affirmation shows my continued confidence that I will do it this time - Next Stop:  Thinville.

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I definitely can handle the rest of my Journey to 145lbs.

Calories: 1271 / 25%
Sodium: 3000mg
Calcium: 1080mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None



sjburgess51 said...

Hi Gin!
 Your face is definately thinner!  At the rate you're going the 3.5" will be gone by the end of May and you will be in a 24!  Outstanding!  

journey2sarah said...

Hey Ginger, Congratlations on a difficult month!  Keep one foot in front of the other.  Just keep that goal in mind.  Paint a picture of it.  Dream of it.  Do it.  You CANNOT FAIL if you just continue on the journey.... you will ARRIVE.

ivorygrace7 said...

I love your affirmation today, and what a difference 35lbs makes!  You look great!!!  Keep up the good work.