Monday, May 10, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

It was a great Mother's Day.  We went to a Mother's Day Brunch at our church, which was really unique.  They showed some video of the kids from kids church saying "I love my mom because..." and Jeremiah's was, "I love my mom because I wouldn't be here without her." LOL

I got some great gifts, mainly my boys being so sweet and sensitive to me today.  I felt like a Queen all day.

I allowed myself a "free day" because there was no way I could figure out the caloric content of the brunch foods.  I don't like free days I've found.  They make me feel out of control.

I also feel like I'm bloated from here to next Tuesday.  My most dreaded Aunt has arrived, and I feel like I've retained about ten pounds of water.  It could be ten pounds of fat too.  I mean I was still good, still made good choices, better choices today than yesterday in fact.  But it feels like my 2100 calorie weekend caught up with me in a big way. 

I honestly don't want to weigh in on Tuesday.  I feel like a whale.  BUT, I have two days and I need to be totally honest in my journal even if it gives me results I don't want to see. 

So I'm back on 1200 calories as of right now and I'm going to down as much H2O as possible.  If I'm retaining water it's going to go, and I've heard that's the way to do it.

I have my script complete, polished and amped up and ready to go.  It's going to go in tomorrow's mail.  I feel really good about it.  It's like I'm on a roller coaster and I'm nearly at the top of the first drop.  Can you hear the chinka chinka chinka?

I'm not afraid.  I'm exhilerated.

If anyone wants to read the updated version, here's the link:

I'm off for a rewarding bubble bath.  Happy Mother's Day to all my Journaling buddies, readers and writers alike.  You guys are the BEST. :)

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am a good mother.

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journey2sarah said...

Hey Ginger:  Chinka Chinka Chinka!  

Chinkuh? Chinka Chinkaaaaah!!!!  

It's kind like yada yada yada.  

Me:  Flowers everywhere; dreamboat city. Flowers even at his place.  Not bad for a fat chick.