Sunday, November 7, 2004

A Sleepy Sunday

Not much to report today.  I spent the entire day resting up after a busy week. 

I found out that extra minute may be one minute too many.  My calves have ached badly ever since yesterday.


But I'm not going to let that stop me.  I'll be back at the gym tomorrow without fail. 

In the meantime I'm just going to wind down and relax.  I've worked hard.  I deserve it.


Tip of the Day: DINING OUT, PART IV.  Add the term "on the side" to your vocabulary.  Often you can allow yourself a tablespoon of even the most decadent sauces, gravies or dressings with your meal.  As always it comes right back to portion control.  Everything in moderation.



Calories: 1974
Fat: 22%
Sat. Fat: 7%
Fiber: 55g
Calcium: 1789mg
Sodium: 3411mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: None

DAILY AFFIRMATION: Relaxing in the moment is as important as pushing through to the finish line.



sasonalmah said...

Sunday is typically my day off from working out, or at least a lighter work out!  


windsbud said...

I stumbled on to your journal by accident, but am glad I did.  First of all...CONGRATS on your acheivement so far!  I am interested in reading further back, but wanted to say something to you first.  Keep up the great work.  It is hard, but worth every sore muscle, every counted calorie.  Every day that you go back to the gym is good day! I can almost read my own story by reading your words. 6 years ago at age 42 I weighed 240 lbs on a 5'4" frame.  A friend convinced me to join weight watchers and a gym.  WW was the easy part. Walking into the gym was the hardest thing I ever did.  I decided to start with a trainer to guide me. He made it fun, didn't make me feel self conscience and had great hopes for me!  To make a LONG story short, After one year of training 3 hours a week...cardio 5-6 days and 1-2 aerobic classes(kick boxing is awesome)a week, I went from 240 lbs to 150 lbs.  I was a size 24 and became a size 10.  I was firm for the most part-loose skin can be a problem especially if you are older. I had nice definition..I felt good and looked good.  I can remember the first time I did leg lifts..I did one!  My first set of crunches? maybe I can do hundreds at a time..gets boring though..LOL!  Anyway, keep up the great work.  I will enjoy watching your progress.

saltydoghotty said...

Hi! Mine is more of a question, because of my schedual i have to exercise at night. when I get home from my 2 1/2 to 3 mile walk I am starving do u have any tips on how to solve this problem? by the way your story is helping to motivate me thank you!!