Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Bloggerversary to Me

Well here we are, at the year anniversary of me creating this blog.  It's been one heckuva year.  In November 2003 I weighed 330.5 lbs.  In November 2004 I weigh 278.5lbs for a total of 52lbs lost in a year (a pound a week, not too shabby). 

In that year I've lost ten dress sizes and coming on 55. inches (that's nearly five feet, people) of body fat.  Again, not too shabby.

In that year I've gone from barely walking a mile to working out at the gym, riding a bike vigorously for 30 mins, then spending another 30 mins with weight training, and more stamina than that to throw in more cardio on top of that (details on that later, but get out all your atta girls).  Not to mention in the last six months I've won the bronze award from The President's Challenge - You're it. Get fit!

In that year I've been featured twice on the  AOL Journals: Welcome! Top Five Journals, once on AOL Diet & Fitness: AOL Takes It Off - February 2004 , twice on AOL Diet & Fitness and once (and still) on AOL CityGuide: Los Angeles - City Talk.  This simple little blog that has me stumbling and fumbling the ball more than making those all important touchdowns I wanted to make.  But you all still accept me, as imperfect as I am.  You like me... you really, really like me.  :)

But most importantly in that year I've met some INCREDIBLE people who have pulled me from the brink when I needed, given me pats on the back and support when I needed it, loved me when I was unlovable and kept me going when I was trying to wallow around my own self pity. 

That ticker says 67, 845 hits and that's something that completely blows me away.  You all just blow me away.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


I'm excited to be a part of this journaling community.  Does a year's worth of public journaling make me a journalist?  LOL

Either way I'm just so grateful that I have had this anchor to keep me grounded on what's real.  And what is real is not finding success in meeting the ultimate goal - but in celebrating all the little goals that pave the way. 

For anyone out there who wants "this" time to be different, I highly recommend a blog. 


My sister is a little on the fence about the gym, but with her going for at least the next two weeks she's going to kick my butt on cardio.  Tomorrow we're going to aspire to 45mins of cardio. 

And miracle of miracles, I think I can bump that 3 minutes on the eliptical trainer up to 4. 

Not to mention I could do my thirty crunches in two sets of 15 rather than three sets of 10.  That, my friends, is what I consider progress.


Many of you have been following me for a long time.  I don't think it's going to come as any surprise to you all when I say I'm a weigh in-a-holic.  That there is a free standing medical scale at the gym does not help my addiction.

I caved.  Okay?  I said it.  I gave in. 

The official weight of record is the comp scale which I'll do again on December 4, but the medical scale showed a loss of 3lbs  and I just couldn't be any happier.  I'm working out and feeling good inside and it's showing on the outside.  Even Michelle (my sister) said my tshirt looked like it was swallowing me whole.

I can live with that.


Okay folks.  Announcement time.  I began a project this month called NaNoWriMo, which shall test if I can cram writing a 50,000 word novel in the space of a month.  So I started a blog of my novelized My Immortal.  Read along as I race toward the finish line. 

Also, everyone give a big shout out to my best friend Jeff who has joined the Blogging Community.   He's one of us now.  Point.Click.Jeff


 Tip of the Day: BALANCE YOUR WORKOUT.  Just as important as it is to get your heart pumping, it's also important to invest in strength training.  Think of muscle as a fat burning factory.  The more muscle you build, the better your metabolism.  You have to balance between the two, working cardio to drop weight and working muscles to develop tone. 



Calories: 1771
Fat: 26%
Sat. Fat: 9%
Fiber: 30g
Calcium: 1562mg
Sodium: 2730mg (woo hoo!  FINALLY hit goal)
Water: 72oz
Exercise: 30 mins stationary bike
              3 mins eliptical
              5 mins treadmill/ level 6, uphill
              30 mins weight training/ back and shoulders

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I have accomplished much.  I can accomplish anything.


sasonalmah said...

You inspire me so much!  In fact, I prolly would have never truly gotten on this weight loss wagon were it not for you!  I have only lost 3 pounds, umless my weigh-in tomorrow show differently, but I have lost almost 15 inches!  YEAH!!!!!  I am feeling better about myself because I feel stronger and more energetic!  Thanks for being brave enough to write this journal!!!


floridagurl754 said...

i am also struggling with my weight.ive been sitting home for a year unemployed just packing on the pounds and now i really hate myself so much.i am 32 yrs old.i read your journal and im so happy for you.after the holidays i am going to change my eating habits.i want to be healthy.i dont want diabetes like my dad and grandma.i wanna be around gor my kids and feel sexy again for my husband.i hope i can do it.well i know i can,im planning on going to a doctor...which i havent been in years because im ashamed of my weight.i hope they can help me and tell me what to do.well anyways dont wanna bore you.thanks for your inspiration.good luck to you.....