Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Restful Evening

Okay so I didn't make it to the gym.  Steven had already suggested we take Sundays and Wednesdays for our "rest days", and when my sister decided not to go tonight, I felt inclined to agree.  Mostly because I'm training her in the same way Abel trained us, and the only set she's missing is the next one I'm doing.  We'll be doing that tomorrow, and if she doesn't come she loses out.


Instead I watched TV.  Like I said, Wednesday is total TV night.  I'm absolutely hooked on Lost, it is an AMAZING show.  If you're not hooked already you need to watch because it is so well done.

It's the story about a plane that crashes on a remote island, and the survivors who are stranded there.  They have quite a colorful cast, including the resident bad boy "Sawyer", played very well by Josh Holloway.  Tonight we got to know a little bit more about him and it was quite interesting indeed.  These writers really know how to build the suspense and then smack you in the face with some pretty impressive twists.

As a writer myself, I can really appreciate this.


But it wasn't Lost that got to me tonight.  No, it was my guilty little pleasure, "The Bachelor". 

Okay, I'm a sucker.  I admit it.  I'm a hopeless romantic and I know it.  Incurable.  So I totally fall for this show almost every single season. 

Well this season was many previous seasons in the making.  The very first Bachelor I watched was the last show of the first season, when Trista got rejected.  I felt bad for her and was excited she got to turn the tables and be the Bachelorette.  That's where I found Bob.

I liked Bob.  A lot.  He reminds me a lot of Steven.  He's funny and he's totally not arrogant.  He's a nice guy.  And I can appreciate that.  Did I mention how funny he was?  And as we've already established, funny goes a long way with me.

Even Steven liked Bob because Bob was a regular guy.  So Steven related well with the average guy who had a good sense of humor.  (Not that Steven is average - but in his mind he is)


Bob gets voted off.  Bob gets his own turn at the Bachelor.  Bob meets and kisses a lot of women.  One of which was Mary, a very sweet, beautiful (inside & out) woman who was very committed to finding love and family.

Bob, who wasn't really sure if the time was right for him to have a family, sent Mary home on the second to last episode, breaking her heart and mine.  I was rooting for Mary to be the last woman standing.

Fast forward to Bob breaking up with his final choice and marrying Rebecca Buding whom he met on the ABC Family Bachelor recap show, and we all can agree Mary got off lucky, even though she got hurt.


So color me surprised when one of the "twists" of this season is Mary returning for another chance at love on episode three.   Color me invested when Byron, the new Bachelor, tells Mary he is indeed ready to have kids and get married and extends her a rose. 

Every Wednesday I've been there, watching with bated breath, waiting to see if poor Mary was going to get the boot again.  For her, I want the fairy tale and my heart is in it for her each and every episode, even when it looked like she would finally be cast off because she's still carrying the wounds of the Bob episode and Byron seemed to grow weary of paying the price for Bob's mistakes. 

I was soooo sure she'd get cast off tonight, but she was given the first rose.  I totally broke out into tears and so now I'm so invested I can hardly see straight.

I want the fairy tale.  We'll have to wait two weeks to see if I get it. 

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Okay, silly fangirl thoughts perged now.  We now return you to your weight loss blog currently in progress.


Not much really to talk about.  We learned yesterday that weighing in on the comp scale at the gym costs $7 a whack after the initial consultation.  Talk about your incentive to break a weigh in addiction.  I can wait till the first of December.


I do feel a little weird not having gone to the gym today to be honest.  I'm one of those people who mistakes motion for progress.   It's hard to believe that I was living this way quite happily mere weeks ago.  It would have seemed unfathomable that I would be going to the gym on a regular basis and liking it. 

Who is this person??

Oh that's right, it's the moth tearing her way out of a fat cocoon. 

And man, how good it feels.


Tip of the Day: DINING OUT, PART VII.  Make a plan, Stan.  You wouldn't go into battle without a plan of attack, why treat the battlefield of restaurants any differently?  Know what you're going to do before you do it and stick to that plan.  You'll be surprised to learn how "regular" food can easily fit into your daily calorie intake as long as you make a plan for it to be there.  Then you can go, leave your worries at home and fully enjoy your dining out experience.  Like GI Joe says, Knowing is half the battle.



Calories: 1908
Fat: 23%
Sat. Fat: 9%
Fiber: 34g
Calcium: 1989mg
Sodium: 4456mg
Water: 72oz
Exercise: Free Day

DAILY AFFIRMATION:  It's as important to stand still as it is to run forward.  There are rewards in enjoying the moment.


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