Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Batten Down the Hatches

I love living in Texas.  I do.  It's the greatest state in the nation.  You can always expect to find friendly people, beautiful scenery and some interesting weather patterns.

Why, Ginger... what do you mean?

I mean that here it is, November 16, and there are tornado warnings to our south.  Even more interesting, those severe thunderstorms are heading to the north.  It's going to be an interesting night.

Needless to say I'm not going to the gym LOL.  I'll do some work on the exercise bike later tonight and maybe the Pilates to make up for it. 

Anyway I'll do my regularly scheduled entry later tonight with all the stats and tips and stuff.

In this one I'm going to do something new.  Most AOL journalers are familiar with John Scalzi whose journal By The Way... includes weekend assignments for people in J-Land to participate in.  This last weekend assignment is right up my alley: Weekend Assignment #33: They're Singing Your Song, where he asks

Weekend Assignment #33: You can have any person, past or present, sing any song for you that you want. What is the song, and who is singing it for you?

Extra credit: Name a singer you wish you could sing like, but can't. So that means even those of you with excellent voices have to pick someone you can't sing like.

I'm sure Jeannie is grinning big because she knows very well how I will answer this.  If I could have anyone in the world sing me a song it would be Steve Perry singing "Faithfully".  Picture it.  Texas.  1983.  A young impressionable teenager settles in to watch Friday Night Videos because her mom didn't want to shell out the dough for MTV.  Coming up, the new song from the band Journey.  Young impressionable teenager remembers that is the same band who came out with Lovin Touchin Squeezin, her favorite song way back from when she was 9 years old (1979).  She then remembers the first and only time she saw that band in action - on the Midnight Special a few years before.

Imagine how excited that nine year old was when she got to finally see the band who sang her all time favorite song.  Imagine how said young girl processed seeing the unusual lead singer with the long black hair and striking profile, especially having grown up in not only a smallish Texas town but a military town at that.  What an impression he made, especially as he got down into the audience and crooned to a lucky lady in the front row.

So now, a few years later, the thirteen year old was intrigued to see this band again.  More so when she realizes the long dark hair was a bit shorter and he was now sporting a moustache.  The song, a romantic ballad about faithful enduring love, kept her captive until one unforgettable moment when for one instant his eyes met the camera and seared their way right through the airwaves and straight into a hopelessly romantic teen girl's heart.

It was love from then on.  A magic moment. 

Needless to say I would absolutely plotz if he sang it to me.  Talk about your wildest dreams.  Oh, Oprah!!

As for who I would like to sing like, that would be Martina McBride.  I absolutely LOVE her.  She has amazing range and her songs are so powerful.  Here are some of my favorite videos from her.  Watch with tissue handy, especially Concrete Angel:

LAUNCH: Music Video Player Whatever You Say
LAUNCH: Music Video Player Concrete Angel
LAUNCH: Music Video Player Independence Day

Anyway I'll be back later.  Hopefully I won't be wearing ruby slippers and running around looking for the EmeraldCity. 




crazybabygirl716 said...

Hey Ginger!
This is the first time I've ever stopped and looked at your journal...I must say the pictures of you are great!! You look amazing, and you've lost so much!! Your doing such a great job!! Keep up the good work!!

sammygirl2123 said...

I was reading your comment about not going to the gym and feeling guilty about it. I understand how you feel! A week ago I had the flu and didn't exercise at all for about four days. How I felt horrible! Therefore, I've been making up for it just about everyday. Exercising in some form. I see that you put the calories you've eaten in your journal and I have to admit, I'm a little obsessed with calorie counting. Then again, I think, I used to eat so much junk food and soda and I didn't have any portion control whatsoever. So, I think, if I eat a little more one day of healthy food, I will and it will never, ever compare with what I used to eat. Keep up with the eliptical!! You'll get it. I usually do about half an hour when I go, but the other day, I did an hour by accident and I was dead tired afterwards! But at least I know my fitness level has increased now that I am able to do it. But keep at it and you'll get it! Keep up the great work!!

jeff466 said...

I also remember a young impressionable 11 year old that worked her butt off to get straight A's so her mother would buy her the album (remember those) Passion by Rod Stewart!!! LOL  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't see the report card when they passed them out that day!!  Do you remember that?  

On the subject of music: Oleta Adams, Anita Baker, Martina McBride-they are all so great.

If I could have a person past or present sing any song to me it would HAVE to be Audrey Hepburn singing Moon River to me.  sigh

Hope you weather holds up and don't send it my way!!  Jeff


sjburgess51 said...

<GRINNING> ... Ahhhh ... you know me all so well!  Yes, I was grinning.  I think it is possible that you meet yon young (humm how about mid 50's) singer in California, in January.
 You will not believe this, but Danny's probably going to Anaheim for a Baldwin Dealership Show on when boys and girls??  Can we say January 20th to the 23rd?
 I would like to go, it will depend on how my sister is after the brain surgery on Dec. 1st.  I am terrified, as you know, but seeking the spirit of peace.  It's just hard for me to get in the mood for plans but that would be fun to meet up in California!
 You guys need to move to my part of Texas where the weather is a little milder!  We have a LOT of trees and blooming stuff but we don't have many tornados!

sasonalmah said...

WEll, I think you are wise not to go to the gym with all that junk going down!  Have a good workout anyway!!!!!!


windsbud said...

Hi Ginger . Continued good luck on your Journey...And speaking of Journey, I would DIE to have Steve Perry sing Faithfully to me, or any other song.  I am a bit older than you, and have attended many Journey concerts. It is something you never forget.
Keep up the good work.  I am enjoying following your progress.

missparie86 said...

hey ginger! i've been away from reading ur journal(sowwie) been real busy and i've hardly been online. but i'm glad to see ur still in good spirits. i will be talkin 2 u soon. =)