Saturday, October 2, 2004

Saturday Weigh In

I finally found the silver lining on the dark cloud of my frustrating plateau.  I keep hovering around the same weight with no real changes.  This means when I get down to goal it shouldn't be that difficult to keep it off.  No matter what, I've kept that 71lbs off and that's a major accomplishment.  I think the statistics are that 3 of every 4 dieters fail in their weight loss aspirations.

This girl ain't a statistic.

I skipped the picnic because my back was giving me fits earlier.  I've had headaches, neck aches and the backache from the spine to the hip on down the left leg.  Hello Doc here I come.  Anyway I pretty much lazed around all day and didn't do squat. 

Even with all that I lost 4oz this week.  I went from 279lbs and 4oz to 279lbs and 0oz.  : - |    As of Monday I start this new Lindora plan which I will give a six week test.  I know the first couple of weeks will work, but if it continues to work consistantly after six weeks then I will buy their $50 package.   Needless to say I am very much looking forward to next Saturday to see what that weigh in says then.

In the meantime I'm gonna hit the hay so I can make it to church tomorrow. 

Oct. 1

Calories: 2022
Fat: 22%
Sat. Fat: 6%
Water: 48oz
Exercise: On hold

DAILY AFFIRMATION: There is no shame in falling down, but there is no good reason to stay there.



sjburgess51 said...

Blessings in disguise.  As you know, I am a Master Esthetician, so skin is what I always focus on.  Most women I see that lose over 40 pounds show slackness in their skin b/c they lost it too quickly.  You have none of that!  See... slow weight loss is much better for your skin!  Just one more positive on your side.

nslieder said...

Ginger, you are awesome!!! I love your positive attitude! It is SOOOOO true about how there is no shame in falling down, but there is no good reason to stay there. There have been times in my life I have been so down I didn't think there was any way to come back up, and then .... BAM! ... I came back up even stronger than before. You are a fighter, Ginger, a fighter for what you believe in, for what you want to achieve, for who you want to be. And I KNOW you will make it!!! I just KNOW there is going to be a day when your pictures show a you at the weight you want to be! Take care of your back, and good luck with the new weight loss plan. You are an inspiration!

bomb105 said...

I wish you all the luck with your weight loss. Its all about being motavative, drink 3 glasses of lowfat milk like 2% or 1%,exercise daily even if its for 20 minutes. The more muscle you have the faster the weight will burn off.It will take time  but everyday gets easier.Eat alot of fruits and veg. Have a high protein breakfast to rev up your metabolism good luck and you GO GIRL god is on your stay away from those sweets, but dont deprive yourself eat a small amount one a week.bye Debbie