Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I Have One Thing to Say About Exercise...


Oy, everything aches.   Not a bad ache mind you, but I was only able to do 10 minutes this morning, not the 15 I did yesterday full to the brim of enthusiasm and vigor. 

But I did push myself to the limit today by doing the bike twice, yes you read that right - twice.  So in essence I rode 20 minutes instead of fifteen.  So there.

My bum is numb and my arms are still protesting against the weights I lifted in yesterday's Pilates routine. 

But am I stopping?  Nope.  I'm gonna press on.  And I'm going to see results.  Did y'all know I'm only 1 inch away from a size 24??  It's true!  And what's even more incredible (to me at least) is that when we went shopping for the boy's Halloween costumes they had one I could fit into!  It was a plus size that fit up to a size 24, which I'm very nearly almost.   I certainly will be there by Halloween.   It kinda makes me want to buy it even though I have no place to wear one.  Steven suggested just wearing it to greet trick or treaters but I can't really justify $40 for that.  I guess just to know I have the option is going to have to be enough. 

There was a "Kids Say the Darndest Things" moment at the costume store.  I told my kids that they could pretty much be anything they wanted except they couldn't be a serial killer type character - no Scream, no Freddy Kruger, no Jason, no Leatherface - things of this nature.  Basically everything they wanted to be.  Timothy finally decided to be a Jedi character (mostly for the light saber) and Jeremiah couldn't decide on what he wanted to be.  Right next to the Scream mask was the Scary Movie mask (same type of mask but with the goofy face) so I told him he could be that.  He went to find a robe to go with it but the one he found was a packaged Scream costume with that mask.  I told him to find one without the mask and the next thing we knew he was chasing down a clerk telling her, "Do you have one without a mask?  My mom won't let me be a serial killer."  I nearly collapsed laughing in the aisle.

Anyway I'm pretty proud of the exercise I've done in the last two days.  I've even agreed to go with my sister to Curves next week.  This is a huge step for me, I am not one to work out in public. 

But like I said, war has been declared and my heels are dug in deep.  I'm prepared to face the blood, sweat and tears - especially when I step on the scale again.

Yeah I know that muscle weighs more than fat and the odds are I won't see the numbers go down like I like them to but that just cannot be my end all be all.  If I'm doing all this work I'm changing my body for sure, no matter what the scales say.

Do be dears and remind me of that on Saturday should I run into a stagnation or a - gulp - gain.

One note of interest - I haven't been all that hungry lately.  I ate only 1400 calories today and I'm not really all that hungry.  I'm also on my 4th bottle of water, too.  When at GNC yesterday and getting the lowdown on supplements, the gals there told me their multi for women has fortified B vitamin complex which helps give you energy, and they said that chromium helps surpress the appetite.  So with the multi I'm taking plus a green tea metabolism booster I've had a lot more energy and no real appetite. 

So much energy that I actually cleaned my house today.  To the point I was on my hands and knees scrubbing up stains in the carpet.  Shameless product plug:  Clorox Oxi Magic does wonders on carpet stains, even set in stains.  That with a good stiff brush and voila... a clean carpet in no time at all.

I think I'm going to go browsing on the internet for costumes.  Who knows?  I may change my mind and dress up after all.  There's got to be some kind of party going on, and both our kids are deserting us for their friends.

The cocoon... she's cracking.

Calories: 1473
Fat: 28%
Sat. Fat: 10%
Water: 94oz
Exercise: exercise bike, two 10 min intervals; casual walking about a mile.

DAILY AFFIRMATION:  I deserve to live a rich life.



tlaceto said...

I'm glad to see you are enthusiastic again.  You CAN do it, and yes you deserve to live a rich life.  I hear ya on the curves thing.  I'm one that finds it hard to go and do things in public.  You must let us know if you do it and how it goes.  Best of Luck, you've already come SOOOO far.

sasonalmah said...

Well, it sounds as if you are doing wonderfully on your excercising!!!  Think you could rub off on me???  lol


nslieder said...

Hi Ginger, I just want to tell you that I absolutely LOVE working out at CURVES. It's totally different than working out at a regular gym like the YMCA. First of all, it's all women, which makes a HUGE difference right there. The workout is done to music, and a voice prompt in the music tells you when to change stations. The first time you go, someone takes you through the routine. There is always someone working there who will help you at any time. Everyone is really nice and supportive of one another, the workout is structured & easy, you can do it as gentle or as vigorous as you want, and it's very effective. I've been going now for about three months. I havn't really lost a lot of weight (I'm down to the last 10 pounds that won't come off!), but my body has totally changed! It's like I have a brand-new body -- all my muscles have firmed up, and I've lost inches in just the right places. And because there is an aerobic component to the workout, my stamina has increased too. It's also a very fun social time ... all the women yack about this and that, and I've even made a few new friends. I just know you will love it!
Always rooting for you, Theresa

gabby53a said...

I had to kind of laugh about the carpet scrubbing because that and old fashioned floor washing ( you know the kind--the lady on her knees scrubbing--lol--that's the only way I can do the kitchen floor cuz I can get it cleaner) really makes me work up a sweat. So in my mind, that's a workout!