Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ok, Dr. Phil

You have my attention.

I've toyed with the idea of trying Dr. Phil's weight loss program for a while.  I know what's involved and I am pretty sure it would be something I could maintain for the long term (not a diet per se but a new way of eating, etc).  Normally when I would think about starting it was always after I'd bought a lot of food I didn't know how to make work in the plan.

No such luck this time around, I haven't gone shopping yet thanks to my flu.

So I picked up the book again, tossed it around in the ol noggin and figured - this is doable. 

The only problem I can see is I was going to take Michelle out of town next week as a birthday getaway - and me + a vacation may spell disaster for a new eating plan.

Not necessarily, mind you, but the possibility is there.

The way I figure it, I don't want to put it off another week.  Like my commenter said, the universe was whispering to me yesterday on that Roseanne rerun.  Is it any big surprise that I've been sick as a dog off and on since I've gotten off track nutritionally?

For my health now as well as later I need to get my act together.


I'm gunna do it.  Vacation or not.  I'm not going to San Antonio to eat or drink - I'm going to see the sites and have fun with my sister on a weekend girls road trip.  I don't need food or alcohol to have a good time.  And with the activities I have planned, it shouldn't be difficult to get a lot of exercise in.  I just have to deal with the restaurants.

Piece o' cake, right?

Piece o' fat free cake anyway.

So here's how it breaks down.  The first 14 days is the Rapid Start plan.  It breaks down meals thusly:

1 protein
1 starchy carbohydrate
1 fruit
1 lowfat dairy

1 protein
2 non starchy veggies
1 fruit
1 low fat dairy

1 protein
2 non starchy veggies
1 fat

Fruit (if not eaten with meals)
low fat dairy (if not eaten with meals)
raw veggies

So a typical day might look like this:

turkey bacon or sausage/canadian bacon
Shredded Wheat & Bran
1 banana, sliced
Skim milk

mega salad at Green Jeans (lettuce, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, radishes, onion, tomato, green pepper, alfalfa sprouts and garbanzo beans w/ low fat dressing)

sugar free lowfat yogurt w/ spoonful of sugar free preserves OR cottage cheese with fruit

Chicken breast or other type of meat/poultry/fish
Veggies like broccoli, cauliflour, squash, green beans, carrots, etc
fruit for dessert

This is completely doable. 

Add in my more manageable exercise routine (walking 6 days a week, gym 3 days a week) and you have a plan.

I like plans.  Plans are good.

So, I'll go shopping tomorrow and get everything I need to get me through the next couple of weeks and it's blast off on Wednesday.

(This means an "official" weigh in at GNC when I go get my vitamins later today.  EEEEEK is all I have to say about that)

But failure is not about falling down.

It's about staying there.

And that no longer works for me.

I deserve better.



jjsilcocks said...

Dr. Phil rocks! I love his "In your face advice". It's all stuff we have told ourselves over and over again, but for some reason, when HE says it, it makes sense. I have his book and program info too. BUT, putting it to USE is always my problem. Perhaps with your inspiration, I can do it too. Thanks for breaking down the program simply. I am printing it up. I am really happy for you and can't wait to hear about the success you will have on the plan.

jeff466 said...

I know you can do this, you did amazing on your last trip-I have full faith you can do it again.  :)  Jeff