Friday, April 22, 2005

Day One with Dr. Phil

Well I still didn't get to the mall for a weigh in.  I ended up going and getting insurance so I'm just all kinds of legit now.  Then I was on the phone a good while with the producer, brainstorming and coming up with good notes, etc. 

Bottom line, I just didn't get around to it and ended up having to eat (I'm trying for every three hours, like Jorge Cruise suggests) and didn't want to weigh in afterwards.


First day went well.  It took a big of juggling and I probably gave in when I could have been more stringent. 

1 serving Shredded Wheat
1 banana
1 cup fat free milk

(I didn't get the protein in, so I added it to lunch)

Green Jeans salad with about half a serving of garbanzo beans, half a serving of shaved turkey and half a serving of monterey jack cheese, fat free ranch along with my free veggies
1/4 cup sugar free pudding
Iced tea (non sweetened)

Chicken breast with low carb (aka sugar) bbq sauce
2 cups mixed veggies (cauliflour, broccoli & carrots)
Minute Maid Lite Lemonade


Sugar Free jello

I need to up my water consumption and get back on my vitamins.  That's the immediate goal.  Other than that Day One, I feel, was pretty much a success.

Got a lot of walking in going and visiting different new stores.  I finally went into Steinmart and found a king size sheet set (200 count) for $20.  Took it to the register and found out that price was wrong.  It was really $13.  I couldn't believe the price. 

Since I have a car now, I may take the kids out somewhere on Saturday to get more exercise in.  We bought a membership to visit a couple of our tourist locations for free for a year.  Might as well makegood use of it. 

Meanwhile I'm gonna go work on incorporating those notes to prepare a new storyboard for the Producer.  As soon as he approves it, the rewrite begins.

This writer stuff is kinda cool.  :)

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jeff466 said...

I'm glad everything is going great!  Car, writing, journey, etc.  Sounds like you are back on track :)

Thanks for sending the storyboards, cant wait to read them when I find the time LOL