Thursday, January 6, 2005

Happy Birthday Brandon

Today my youngest son would have turned 10 years old.  This is normally a really depressing time for me, so if I seem out of sorts bear with me.  I'll try to come here before I hit the fridge and deal with things.  After how I dealt with the anniversary of my dad's death in December, I'm not looking forward to it.  Pain hurts.  I'm not a big fan, needless to say.

As for today I finally got sleep.  I slept from 9pm last night till 7:30am this morning, which was really good.  I got up, checked on work and then felt tired enough to go back to bed by 9am.  And I did.  I got up about noonish.  I think my body was trying to catch up on all it's missed these last two weeks.

When I got up I weighed in at 284.5lbs on the home scale.  This was after eating over 1900 calories yesterday.  Amazing huh?  Eat more, lose weight.  Whoda thunkit?

Although today my stomach seriously revolted.  Hopefully with the food, the rest and the vitamins I'll be back to my old self in the next day or so. 

Right now I'm beat and will head on to bed.  I did manage to finish the final polish on My Immortal, so here's the link for all of those who want to read it:

Now all that's left is getting it out to the agents. 

Keep your fingers crossed!

I met my nutrional goals today, working up to the exercise.  If I can get five feet from the bathroom, I'll be good to go.  ;) 



jeff466 said...

I feel bad that Ive only ever got to see Brandon in pictures and even worse that he was called home too soon.  Hug TJ and JD for me-I love you, Jeff  

derasta said...

My heart goes out to's something you never get over, you just learn to live're in my thoughts.

irisflower02 said...

((((((((((Ginger))))))))))  You're in my prayers! ~ Nancy :-)

libgal81 said...

Hey!  Yes, eating more will definitely help!

That is what I'm doing--"eating clean"--NOT DIETING--I cut out all refined sugars and simple carbs--I keep the carbs low, and earlier in the day, and eat 6 times a day--each meal consists of a lean protein, fresh vegetables, tons of water, and as I said, healthy carbs.  Breakfast is usually a cereal (either oatmeal, Kashi GoLean Crunch, muesli, or Cream of Wheat) with 2-3 egg whites in an omelet, scrambled, or hard-boiled, 1 slice of whole wheat toast, a small amount of fruit, black coffee (no milk, no sugar) and a 24 oz. Aquafina bottle of water :)

I have all of this listed on my journal, so check it out if you are interested.  I'm not even counting calories--just fueling my body with the best quality foods I can, and it is already working--I have a ton of energy, I feel healthier, and I can already feel my muscles re-emerging.

Good luck, and let me know if you decide you want to try it--I can email you my meal plan!