Saturday, January 8, 2005

A Do Over

I weighed in today at GNC at 285lbs and 4 ounces, so that means no matter how I strayed off program I didn't gain even a pound.  This is the good news.  I felt so good after weigh in I decided that I'm going to start this new year off right.

It's going to be starting from where I am now. 

I'll still honor the progress I made last year, BUT, it will have the same urgency it did at the beginning of my journey. 

Today was a free day but I ended up cleaning house all day.  I learned that this is just as much of a workout as going to the gym. 

It's time for a well deserved bubbly bath.



yakima127 said...

Great news!  Go forth...!  JAE

autumnxbutterfly said...

So true about the house work! I cleaned all day yesterday and boy did I feel it. LOL I lost about 40 pounds last year and then gained about 20 of it back. I chose to start over from where I was, but I do give myself credit for the weight I had already loss. You are doing great Ginger!


jeff466 said...

Congratulations on the no weight gain!  And CONGRATULATIONS on the past years weight loss :)  Jeff