Friday, September 24, 2004

An Out of Whack Sacroiliac

This morning I was dragged out of sleep by my insistant pain in my lower back/left hip.  More drugs meant I was sacked out for much of the day. 

So far it hasn't been dehabilitating, so I'm just taking it easy and getting through each day that brings me closer to being insured.  I'm going to have my doctor do a complete physical to address some of my health issues.

I have to tell you, if it is hypothyroidism that is the root cause of my lethargy I will be so happy.  Why?  Because it won't be a sign of my failure anymore.  And it'll be easy to fix (a pill a day) and maintain.  From the low waking temps to the depression/anxiety/fatigue and even irritabilty and moodiness and infertility, concluded with how hard it has been to maintain steady weight loss no matter what I do, it really seems like a distinct possibility. 

And of course therapy for the back and a clear go ahead for the exercise that will help me make my back stronger and my body healthier will be a relief as well.

Only six days to go.


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