Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A few more days to go...

The waiting game will be over soon, which is good because my back is just giving me fits.  It hurts down into my tailbone so sitting in one spot for very long is out of the question.   It'll be so nice to know what the exact problem is, and what treatment can be applied.

Today was a low spirit day.  I made the mistake of watching a special on people who have lost a lot of weight.  I was happy for them, I understood each and every one of them - but I also recognized that I had dropped the ball.

I still have an emotional attachment to food and an aversion to success. 

It was my sister's turn to throw me a life raft.  She and her son's fiance joined Curves and with their membership got some free passes.  Since Curves is like two blocks from my house, they extended an offer for us to walk to the park together and then go to Curves together.

I like the sound of this.  I need that extra accountability. 

And I won't feel as uncomfortable going there with them than if I went by myself - which intimidated me silly. 

So once I get the clean bill from the Doc I should be good to go.  As of Saturday I should start my new "diet", and I'm really excited about that.  Something to get the weight loss jumpstarted?  You betcha.  I need the motivation.  I've been stuck for so long I've lost my fight. 

I want it back.

An interesting note about the values I've listed below.   I made the jambalaya from Zataran's dry mix and included low fat turkey sausage, but my productive child threw the box out before I could list the values.  Instead I used what was already in fitday, which is the higher fat, higher calorie values.  So in reality I took in less than what is listed here.

Sept. 27

Calories: 1909
Fat: 27%
Sat. Fat: 8%
Water: 48oz
Exercise: On hold

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I'm not a failure because I did not succeed, I'm a success because I continue to try.


jasaj4espie said...

Hi just wanted to say don't give up. I am on the same struggle of my own.  I just dont know which way to turn.  What diet and what exercise and I think the best thing is having encourgement.  I gave up on that here at home and reached out to a co-worker who also needs encourgement. I realize I can only take one day at a time (so I tell myself) and if I walk a little more, eat a little less, turn away from the bad food and drink more water, it is still more than I ever done before.  I still haven't found a solid plan yet but even just doing the little things is better than none at all. So dont give up and hang in there.  I think you have done great and I see you as a success story and I will be checking on your journal.  Take care and God Bless!!      

roxannefx said...

god bless you