Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just when I think I'm out....

They PULL me back in.

I had to go to the doctor finally this morning because I just wasn't getting any better. My breathing was affected whenever I coughed and my equilibrium (sp?) was shot due to the congestion in my ears.  It just wasn't going to go away on its own so I needed to call in reinforcements.

Turns out I have an upper respiratory tract infection.  I ended up getting a shot, some Allegra and some antibiotics.

Hopefully I'll be better in a few days so I can FINALLY get on the exercise horse.

But you know what?  I'm still okay.  No failure here.

I'm still that diamond in the rough.  Right now the polish comes by way of taking care of myself.

Getting well, priority number one.

Because I'm worth it!  (Thank you L'oreal*!)

*They have a great new commercial that talks about how saying "I'm worth it" is not a declaration of conceit or vanity, but just recognizing our worth as women. 

Methinks someone at their ad company has been reading my journal!!  ;)

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